Dr. Rolf Unleashed A Freshly Programmed Harris On Salem

DAYS recap for Friday, June 30, 2023, Rolf told Harris where to go and what to do.

dr. wilhelm rolf woke up harris Michaels on the days of our lives recap for friday, june 30, 2023.Dr. Rolf programmed Harris Michaels.

On today’s Days of our Lives recap, Dr. Rolf took care of all Megan’s unsavory needs, including finishing his work on her soldier, Harris Michaels. 

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Megan covers her tracks, Leo uncovers a secret, EJ wonders to Kristen how Nicole could possibly be falling for their sister’s trickery, and Nicole (Arianne Zucker) gets some good news about her baby. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly went down. 

DOOL Recap: Megan’s Plans Got Underway

Over in the lair, Rolf (Richard Wharton) gave Megan (Miranda Wilson) the good news that their plan was complete. He was confident Harris (Steve Burton) was once again programmed to be her killing machine. Great! She couldn’t wait. 

Oh, and he had another surprise for his boss. He handed over a syringe full of the memory-erasing CRS-17 serum for her to use on her other captives. Just a little bit, though, they only wanted to erase the last week or two of EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) and Kristen’s (Stacy Haiduk) memories. 

Megan took the vial and ran home to complete all her plans. She went down to the wine cellar and told EJ and Kristen all about her grand scheme to kill Stefan (Brandon Barash). He would be dead within the hour, she told them. Then, she plunged the needle into each of their arms. Within minutes, they began to start to forget things. 

What Megan didn’t realize is Leo (Greg Rikaart) was stalking around the mansion. He not only saw Megan go into the tunnels but followed her. He found EJ and Kristen shortly after Megan took off. 

Back in the lair, Rolf took pleasure in waking Harris up and telling him all about his mission. Later, he even assured Li everything was actually working out this time — not like the last time when he failed everyone and didn’t manage to reprogram Stefan. 

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Days of our Lives Recap: Oh, What A Party

Meanwhile, Gabi (Camila Banus) and Stefan meet up in the DiMera living room to get ready to party. Except, Stefan’s not sure it’s going to be much of a party with almost all his siblings away. They went upstairs to get dressed, undressed, make love, and get dressed again before heading out to the party. 

Luckily (or unluckily), many others were planning on attending. Gwen (Emily O’Brien) donned a dress for the exciting date — even after Leo tried to persuade her to stay away. Johnny (Carson Boatman) and Wendy (Victoria Grace) dressed up and headed to the party, even after hearing Li’s (Remington Hoffman) objections. Big bro finally relented…and later, even managed congrats for Gabi and Stefan when he saw them. 

days of our lives recap for june 30, 2023, has kate talking with stephanie and chad.
Kate Roberts Brady chats with Stephanie and Chad on Days of our Lives.

Chad (Billy Flynn) and Stephanie (Abigail Klein) were geared up to be there as well. They did stop in to see Kate (Lauren Koslow) at the pub first to offer their condolences over Abe’s (James Reynolds) passing. She, however, was quite distracted. She did perk up when she heard Megan was still hosting. Hmm…weird, considering she heard from “Harris” (Li using his phone) that the witch was taken care of. 

Kate was even more infuriated when she saw Megan in the square. Megan did not stop to chat and waved her off on the way to the shindig. Toodles, for now, a hostess can’t be late for the party! 

What a hostess Megan turned out to be. She arrived just in time to give a big speech about family and forgiveness and how happy she was for Stefan and Gabi. She was on quite a roll when Harris barged in, gun in hand.

She then managed to act shocked when Harris crashed the festivities. Her fake shock turned real when he pointed his gun at her. 

DAYS Recap: Nicole Received Good News 

days of our lives recap for june 30, 2023, has eric brady calming nicole at the hospital.
Nicole Walker is calmed down by Eric.

All the while, over at the hospital, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) was sure she was losing the baby. After much worry and near tears, Nicole got good news. Her baby is fine. She’s experiencing ligament pain, not a miscarriage. 

Eric was thrilled for her. He took her home, where they got much too close on the couch and almost kissed right there in the DiMera living room.

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