DAYS Recap: Li and Melinda Have Dueling Disaster Dates From Hell

Mr. Shin and Madame D.A.’s matchmaker had a lot to answer for.

days of our lives recap for wednesday, july 26, 2023, li and melinda's matchmaker fails to deliver yet again.Li and Melinda's matchmaker fails to deliver the goods.

In the Days of our Lives recap for July 26, 2023, Li’s and Melina’s attempts to meet “the one” go disastrously wrong…and not for the first time.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Gwen (Emily O’Brien) began to seriously doubt that she’d ever get her happily ever after, and Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) began to worry that her barely thought-out plan might go to pot. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives Recap: Decent Proposal

At Small Bar, Li (Remington Hoffman) couldn’t believe his eyes. Melinda (Tina Huang), back at it again? And why not, questioned the lady D.A. After all, she believes in second chances. Perish the thought, argued Li. What she actually believes in is locking someone up and throwing away the key.

The duo were thrilled — or were they? — to find that they hadn’t been paired up for a second time and set about getting to know their actual dates for the evening. Li had the pleasure (displeasure?) of making Connie Viniski’s acquaintance.

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A little about Connie: she’s “gluten wary,” she attended Salem University while working nights at the Cheatin’ Heart and she was a candy striper at Salem University Hospital in the early ’90s (where, for some reason, they made them watch all these videos about the perils of DNA testing). She’s also a lifelong Salemite, having never gone any further than Green Mountain Lodge. Also, she likes bad boys. Really bad boys. Like the kind who try to have their ex-fiancée’s new man rubbed out.

Meanwhile, Melinda was, at first, pleased to see that her date was none other than Alexander Neil Kiriakis (Robert Scott Wilson). Unfortunately, despite his giving her some hope for his gender (seeing as how he has no issue attempting to better himself through therapy), the evening with Alex had more negatives than positives.

First, he talks too much. Second, he keeps taking his (obviously non-prescription) glasses on and off and it’s annoying. Third, he’s still obviously in love with Stephanie Johnson (Abigail Klein). Like so obviously that it hurts.

After finally admitting defeat, Li and Melinda could but laugh at themselves, laugh at the other’s unfortunate encounter, and agree to while away the rest of the night in each other’s company.

DAYS Recap: Strange Bedfellows

At the hotel room that she shares with Leo (Greg Rikaart), Gwen was chagrined when Dimitri (Peter Porte) practically threw her off him after she suggested that they “put the wedding night before the wedding.” And clearly, his excuse that he had some errands to run was just that, an excuse.

Upon being apprised of his good girlfriend’s predicament, Leo attempted to bolster her spirits. Dimitri’s subsequent return rather complicated things (seeing as how DVL wanted to jump Leo’s bones with a quickness), as did Gwen declaring that she now had an errand to run.

No sooner had Gwen exited the room than Dimitri was on Leo. Unfortunately, for the illicit lovers, Gwen forgot something and was heading back to the room to retrieve it.

DOOL Recap: Progress Report

At the hospital, EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) attempted to inject some levity into his and Nicole’s (Arianne Zucker) awkward run-in with fellow expectant parents Eric (Greg Vaughan) and Sloan, but his efforts were for not.

After returning to the manse, Nicole insisted to a suspect EJ that she wasn’t so much put out because she was still hung up on Eric or because she couldn’t stand the thought of him having a baby with another woman — it’s just that she can’t stand the thought of Eric having a baby with Sloan. She’s just the worst. Also, she loves EJ, and not Eric. Definitely not Eric. No, she loves EJ.

Meanwhile, Sloan was horrified to hear from Eric that EJ had submitted his DNA for genetic testing. What if the doctors are able to determine that they tested the wrong DNA against Nicole’s baby? What if everything unravels and she’s forced to come clean? Oh, the inhumanity!

Days of our Lives Recap: Three’s A Crowd

Having been stymied by Alex — who needed a helping hand in deciding his wardrobe for his evening on the town — and Dimitri — who would have very much liked them to attend his wedding to Gwen (FAT CHANCE!) — Stephanie and Chad (Billy Flynn) were finally embarking on their own romantic outing when they chanced upon, you guessed it, Alex.

He was down and out after his disaster of a date and feeling all kinds of blue. Despite himself, Chad invited Alex to join him and Stephanie. Regretfully, Alex jumped at the chance.

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