Chloe Lane Succumbs To The Pressure of Xander’s Charm Offensive

DAYS recap for Tuesday, June 6, 2023: There’s never been a woman who could resist.

days of our lives recap for tuesday, june 6, 2023, are in the mood for love.Chloe Lane is in the mood for love-ish.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Chloe Lane weighs her options and decides to plunge headlong into a romance with Xander — but she’s avoiding the bedroom for the time being.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Megan (Miranda Wilson) thinks she spies a suitable wife for Dimitri (Peter Porte), Shawn (Brandon Beemer) snaps at his beloved, Leo (Greg Rikaart) lets his conscience get the better of him, and a bailed-out Talia (Aketra Sevillian) realizes too late that Colin (Jasper Newman) is in her apartment. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Chloe Lane Gives In To Passion…Conditionally

No sooner had Xander (Paul Telfer) expressed delight in Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) not striking him for pulling her into another kiss than she struck him for pulling her into another kiss.

After recovering — and expressing his dismay — Xander admitted to feeling a vibe between them for quite some time now, and he’d gotten the feeling that Chloe felt it too. Was he wrong? No, he’s not wrong. [Phew, said Xander. He’s so glad to know he wasn’t imagining it.]

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In fact, Chloe’s been feeling…something for Xander ever since moving in with him. But she’s not seeming too thrilled. Why? Because of Brady (Eric Martsolf)? No, she’s accepted that they don’t have a future together.

So what is the problem? How about Xander himself? After all, look at the crimes he’s committed in the past — including leaving her in the clutches of a Mexican drug lord.

days of our lives recap for tuesday, june 6, 2023,  has chloe lane wondering about her feelings for xander.
Chloe Lane wondered how the truly felt about Xander on Days of our Lives.

But if Xander’s so bad, why does she have feelings for him? Probably because she’s seen a different side to him. And no, she’s NOT been checking him out in the shower. She’s talking about his sensitive side. “I guess there is a little heart in there.”

Xander wondered if this meant she liked him. Like “like-likes” him. Chloe shrugged. Xander, in turn, advised her to stop fighting her feelings — because that’s always a losing battle — and give in.

Chloe hedged. She and Xander live together and work together and things could get really bad really fast. Xander suggested they take it day by day and see where it goes. Chloe griped that she’d been involved with half his relatives; Xander teased that he was the best of the bunch.

Brave man that he is, Xander risked getting slapped again by going in for another kiss. Chloe accepted. No slap this time. Just a strong hint that things won’t be progressing to the bedroom anytime soon.

DAYS Recap: Beggars Can’t Be Choosy

At the DiMera mansion, Gwen (Emily O’Brien) made Megan’s acquaintance [confessing her litany of sins in the process] and attempted to persuade Dimitri, AKA Mr. tall, dark, and handsome, to submit to an interview for The Spectator.

Though Dimitri balked, Megan advised her son not to be so hasty…and when he persisted in sticking to his guns, she demanded a private confab.

Now alone with Kristen (Stacy Haiduk), Gwen got the skinny on Megan — does Kristen trust her? “Of course not. She’s a DiMera” — and her “feisty” offspring?

The two then delighted in taking potshots at Chloe when Kristen revealed that, thanks to her “precociously sharp-eyed daughter,” she knows all about Chloe and Xander playing house together. Would Gwen like some pro tips on how to disappear the loathsome bitch? Pass! She’s hopping off Xander’s *ahem* merry-go-round and could care less whether or not he moves on with the songbird.

Meanwhile, Megan chastised Dimitri for letting a golden opportunity to make “that reporter” the next Mrs. Von Leuschner slip by him. She’s got plans, big plans, plans that necessitate him claiming that inheritance that is soon to expire. And what more could he possibly need to know about Ms. Rice Checks *sorry* make that Ms. Rizczech? She’s a former prison mate of his aunt. She’s successful, smart, beautiful, “and she has a delightful accent that will be a wonder to wake up to every morning.” With that, Megan made arrangements for Dimitri to speak with Gwen the next day.

days of our lives recap for tuesday, june 6, 2023, has megan hoping to match up dimitri with gwen.
Megan DiMera wants to match up Dimitri with Gwen.

DOOL Recap: A Fine Mess

Having secured Talia her freedom and left her in Rafe’s (Galen Gering) capable hands, Belle returned home to find her husband in quite a sorry state.

Had he been drinking? Oh yes. And as far as Shawn’s concerned, not nearly enough. When Belle inquired as to why Shawn was guzzling all their beer, Shawn said that it might have something to do with the fact that he shot his dad and put him in a coma.

“Accident or no accident, Belle, my old man is hanging on by a thread. Not to mention my wreck of a mom who’s just doing everything that she can to just try and stay positive. Every day that goes by, I gotta sit there, and I got to see her suffering, knowing that there’s nothing I can do to help her. In fact, you know what? I think I just made things worse, so that’s why I came home.”

Belle attempted to convince Shawn that Hope (Kristin Alfonso) doesn’t blame him for Bo’s (Peter Reckell) condition, but Shawn would only grouse that she doesn’t do it consciously.

When Shawn then broached the subject of Megan, Belle informed him that the villainess was back in Salem and staying at the DiMera mansion.

Shawn attempted to make a beeline for the door, resolved as he was to “give that bitch a piece of my mind,” but Belle put her foot down and prevented his exit. Shawn did not thank her for it. In fact, after handing over his car keys, he bid his wife to leave him the Hell alone.

Days of our Lives Recap: Danger!

While Talia issued a sincere apology to an appreciative Rafe, Jada (Elia Cantu) gave Leo the third degree about his run-in with Colin (Jasper Newman).

The journo agreed to cooperate, but only if the copper left his name out of it. He doesn’t need yet another target on his back. “Believe it or not, Colin Bedford is not the only evil European dream boat who might be out to get me.”

Despite his best efforts, Leo proved to be of very little help [“I’m directionally challenged!”]…and he didn’t exactly do himself any favors by attempting to pump Jada for information about her sister, AKA Colin’s partner-in-crime. [From what I hear, they were a regular Bonnie and Clyde — and I don’t mean Lockhart and Weston…Or maybe I do. Those two both did go to prison for killing people.”]

Though Jada let slip that Talia was emotionally abused by Colin — quite the juicy tidbit — Leo, a victim of both physical and emotional abuse himself, wound up unable to commit it to his column.

Sometime later, having been escorted back to her apartment [funny, last time anything was mentioned, she was living with Jada], Talia comes upon a police badge and rumbles that Colin is lurking somewhere inside. Sure enough, as soon as she makes a move to flee, Colin attacks from behind!

days of our lives recap for tuesday, june 6, 2023, has talia hunter getting taken.
Talia Hunter didn’t make her great escape.

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