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Chloe Lane and Brady Kiss and Say Goodbye For Good This Time

DAYS recap for Wednesday, May 3, 2023: It’s the end of era…maybe…probably not. This is a soap opera after all.

days of our lives recap for wednesday, may 3, 2023, chloe lane and bradyChloe Lane and Brady.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Chloe Lane and Brady part for what appears to be the final time [as if!] and the former toasts to her life moving forward.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) is entrusted with the keys to Victor’s kingdom, the walls close in on Talia (Aketra Sevillian) courtesy of her own sister, and a despondent Gwen (Emily O’Brien) attempts to commiserate with an equally disenchanted Brady (Eric Martsolf). Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Chloe Lane And Brady Call It Quits

Though Brady [patronizingly] granted Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) that things have been challenging for them as of late, he couldn’t help but [patronizingly] question her life decisions, namely moving into that brand spanking new apartment alongside the likes of Xander Cook (Paul Telfer). Talk about a mistake in the making.

Chloe groused that if she was indeed about to make a mistake, than it was her mistake to make. But Brady disagreed. This affects him too. Poor pitiful him. Poor pitiful him who still loves Chloe with all his heart.

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For her part, Chloe suggested that Brady accept that, in this instance, “love is not enough.” There’s just too much working against them. Kristen (Stacy Haiduk), Rachel (Finley Rose Slater), and Chloe’s own turmoil at being the source of his daughter’s ire.

Brady wondered if that meant they were just supposed to roll over and let Kristen win, but Chloe blubbered that no one in this situation would actually emerge a winner. Not him, or her, or Kristen [who’s failed at her goal of reclaiming Brady’s love], or Rachel [who’s failed to reunite her parents]. Everybody’s a loser really. The one good thing to come out of this? Chloe will always love him. That’s a fact.

Opposite this, a confused Xander wondered if the room Colin (Jasper Newman) was entering was “bakery girl’s,” seeing as how he and Chloe had seen Talia exiting hours earlier. To that, Colin pointedly asked if Xander was the “House Dick” — don’t worry, it’s not rude. That’s just slang for hotel detective.

“They used to say it all the time in those old black-and-white noir films. You know the ones, where people of questionable moral character give each other trouble of some sort,” Colin helpfully explained before suggesting that he and Xander stay out of each other’s business.

Xander then returned to his new digs and interrupted Chloe and Brady’s rather passionate smooch — but it was a goodbye rather than a new beginning. Later, Xander and Chloe christened their new abode with pizza and beer.

days of our lives recap for wednesday, may 3, 2023, chloe lane and xander toast  to living together.
Chloe Lane toasts living with Xander on Days of our Lives.

DAYS Recap: Miracles Do Happen

Alex’s latest tardy earned him the wrath of Maggie (Suzanne Rogers), who’d really rather appreciate a decent or even fabricated excuse.

For his part, all Alex could offer was that he had to speak with Gwen that morning, and no, it wasn’t a “booty call.” Instead, he was letting “that woman,” as Maggie calls her, know that their booty calls were over.

Intrigued, Maggie bid Alex sit and went on to share how he’d started therapy with Marlena (Deidre Hall) and how she’d gotten him to see that his sleeping around is his way of avoiding commitment “and not just to a particular woman, but in everything else in my life.”

However, that’s all in the past. Moving forward, Alex intends to put all his energy into his commitment to Titan.

A telephone call from Victor interrupted Maggie and Alex’s convo and led the two of them to learn that Bo (Peter Reckell) was alive but not doing particularly well. After hanging up, Maggie relayed that she had never heard Victor so emotional. “But then why wouldn’t he be? I mean, everything in him just aches to be with Bo, his son, the son he thought he lost.”

Alex floated the idea of Maggie accompanying Victor to Greece and him assuming leadership of the company, but she had misgivings. Serious misgivings. After all, the last time she trusted him with autonomy, he undermined her and compromised the values she laid out.

days of our lives recap for wednesday, may 3, 2023, has maggie excited to head off and leave alex in charge.
Alex Kiriakis is ready to take the reins from Maggie.

Alex copped to his poor judgment and put forth a Hell of an argument. Maggie decided not to quibble, and to give him a chance. With that, she handed over the details of a deal very important to Titan, “hugely important, in fact,” that Alex would have to see through. He promised that he wouldn’t let Maggie or the company down [so you just know he’s going to do just that].

DOOL Recap: Suspicious Mind

At the cop shop, Jada (Elia Cantu) continued to agonize over the very real possibility that Talia could have been the one responsible for the vandalizing of Paulina’s (Jackée Harry) office and the dosing of the bakery’s biscuits.

Rafe couldn’t quite buy it. Sure, Talia had just as much opportunity as Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) to snatch Paulina’s keys from her purse, but unlike Sloan, Talia doesn’t have a motive to commit such mischief [as far as they both know] — and according to Jada, she doesn’t have any previous form. Still, Jada wondered.

days of our lives recap for wednesday, may 3, 2023, jada and rafe try to figure it out.
Jada Hunter doubts her sister to Rafe.

Putting their heads together, the do-gooders realized that whoever did lift Paulina’s keys would have had very little time to make a copy let alone make tracks to the office and rummage through it. “Maybe it was someone else entirely,” they pondered.

Suddenly recalling that there exists a small mom-and-pop hardware store just off the square — the kind of place where you could have a duplicate key made in a hurry — Jada and Rafe made tracks with photos of their two suspects. The male proprietor didn’t recognize Sloan, but he sure did remember Talia “and not only because she was a knockout, but she was in a Hell of a rush.”

Days of our Lives Recap: Best Laid Plans

Elsewhere, the bakery to be exact, Chanel (Raven Bowens) wondered why Talia kissed her and Talia claimed she’d just been “caught in the moment.” That and the obvious chemistry between them.

Chanel couldn’t deny the aforementioned chemistry, nor could she disagree about the kiss feeling right. And in light of learning from Rafe that Allie had moved on with someone in New Zealand, she thinks that she’s finally ready to move on as well.

Already regretting making her move, Talia tried to wiggle out by drawing attention to the fact that she and Chanel possess a subordinate/boss dynamic, so perhaps they shouldn’t involve themselves in a love affair, but Chanel poo-pooed the argument — as long as the romance was consensual. With that [and with much reservation], Talia agreed to go out on a date with Chanel later that night.

DAYS Recap: Misery Loves Company

Thanks to Leo’s (Greg Rikkart) news about Chloe and Xander’s new living arrangement, and her visceral reaction to it, Gwen finally had to take stock of her life and face the fact that she wasn’t as over her “Scottie hottie” as she’d like to believe.

She first sought comfort in Leo’s arms — too bad they didn’t want to jump each other’s bones — then headed for the Brady Pub, where she invited herself to join Brady in “downing his sorrows.” But his drink is club soda, thank you very much!

days of our lives recap for wednesday, may 3, 2023, has gwen with brady at the pub.
Gwen realizes she and Brady Black have something in common.

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