Chanel Says ‘Yes’ to Johnny (Again)!

Johnny DiMera (mostly) had his ducks in a row when he popped the question.

days of our lives recap for january 18, 2024, episode 14773, johnny, chanelJohnny DiMera asks Chanel to marry him...again

In the Days of our Lives recap for Thursday, January 18, 2024, Johnny formally proposed to Chanel after much discussion.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, a missing-in-action Theresa worried both Alex and Brady. Tripp tried to get Ava to open up to him. Also, Harris licked his wounds with Rafe and Jada after the busted raid at The Bistro. Let’s dig into the details of what went down.

Romantic Proposal

In bed, Johnny (Carson Boatman) and Chanel (Raven Bowens) were feeling all kinds of guilt over being happy when everyone around them was struggling big time. But what it made Johnny realize was that life was unpredictable and there was no guarantee. So he softly told Chanel he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life without her.

In fact, he thought they should get married…again (Carson Boatman talks Johnny and Chanel 1.0 here). This time around, he had visions of a big, fat wedding with the whole town either right there in Salem or a destination wedding, even. Wisely, Chanel disavowed him of the notion since so many people near and dear to them were in pain. But a small wedding was one she could get behind…as long as Johnny asked her properly.

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Before popping the question, he wanted to make sure all his ducks were in a row, and together they selected Valentine’s Day as their wedding day. Theoretically, that is. Not so theoretically, Johnny asked Chanel to marry him in what was a sweet, romantic proposal. Shirtless (with a tie), he got down on one knee and formally popped the question.

In lieu of a proper engagement ring, he placed an Italian signet ring his grandfather gifted him on her finger. The two celebrated with a midnight snack (a hot fudge sundae) in bed.

Moms and their Feelings

After Tripp (Lucas Adams) attempted to impress Wendy (Victoria Grace) with his nerdy doctor schtick, Wendy took a call from her mom, while Tripp ended up chatting with his mom…in the next room.

The conversation went well for Wendy. Her mom was no longer mad at her. Wendy’s dad was making strides and getting out more. On the flip side, Ava (Tamara Braun) had a bottle in hand and lamented the fact Harris and the police raided The Bistro.

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Tripp urged Ava to tell him whether he needed to be worried about her. Of course, she felt this was a matter better left to her and to stay out of it. Later, Wendy offered her help to Ava. A stubborn Tripp felt it was too dangerous, but a brave, bold Wendy made sure he knew they were in this together, danger and all.

Two out of Three Ain’t Bad

Over at the police precinct, Rafe (Galen Gering), Jada (Elia Cantu), and Harris (Steve Burton) held a drug raid post-mortem of sorts. Turned out that two out of the three raids were successful. The only bust was the one carried out at The Bistro. Consequently, the three cops drew the same conclusion. A dirty cop must have leaked the information so they didn’t find any drugs on the property.

Rafe gave Harris some simple advice after learning the new detective almost got Ava to confess to him, but couldn’t close the deal thanks to Stefan (Brandon Barash). His advice (from first-hand experience): Ava can’t be trusted. Harris countered saying that he was convinced she was trying to live a crime-free life until she got in bed with Stefan…literally.

Ultimately, Rafe threatened to take Harris off the case for being too close to one of its prime suspects. He backed off when Harris said he could handle things. But Harris didn’t look so sure.

Missing in Action

Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) called Brady (Eric Martsolf), frantic over the fact Theresa (Emily O’Brien) had disappeared. Instantly worried, Brady headed over to Alex’s where he fretted over Theresa possibly relapsing over the stress of what was going on with Tate (Jamie Martin Mann). It was important to prevent Theresa from slipping.

Brady enlisted Jada’s off-the-record help to find Theresa. Jada found a “legal” way to spin accessing Theresa’s credit card transactions. The next time Brady heard from Jada, she was at a seedy motel where she found Theresa, high as a kite. She was in a bad state, feeling euphoric and dizzy and hot as hell.

Jada didn’t think she took any of the tainted drugs currently giving Salem problems. Later, Brady and Alex decided they needed to keep this relapse on the down low, so they prepared to stay the night by Theresa’s side in the no-tell motel.

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