A Despondent Shawn Brady Chooses Wallowing Over Talking To Belle

DAYS recap for Friday, May 15, 2023: And drinking. Lots and lots of drinking.

days of our lives recap for monday, may 15, 2023, shawn brady drunk and despondent.Shawn Brady prioritizes drinking to forget over speaking with his missus.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Shawn Brady continued to bemoan the action he took in order to save his mother.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, a thrilled Roman (Josh Taylor) is finally reunited with his Katie (Lauren Koslow) as Stephanie (Abigail Klein) goes to bat to save Alex’s (Robert Scott Wilson) job and very nearly loses her own in turn. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives: Shawn Brady Is Really Down On Himself

In Greece, Roman came upon Shawn (Brandon Beemer) throwing a destructive hissy fit and asked after him. Shawn groused that Bo (Peter Reckell) was still comatose, and the doctors have relayed that there’s no indication that he’ll ever emerge.

Shawn then concluded that Victor had been right when he leveled the accusation that everything was his fault, and that, in turn, set off Roman. Just who does Victor think he is?! After all, this is the same man that’s broken “every damn law and commandment that ever existed.”

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With Caroline no longer among the living — and therefore unable to tear her former paramour a “new one” — Roman resolved to confront Victor — AKA “that pompous ass” — and do it himself. Shawn halted Roman’s progress and reiterated that Victor was right.

Shawn hadn’t shot Bo in the leg or the shoulder. He didn’t put forth any effort to disarm him. He’d shot to kill, and no amount of people assuring him that he’d done the right thing would convince him otherwise.

Opposite this, back in Salem, Anywhere USA, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Belle (Martha Madison) came together to worry about their menfolk. The former was a mite put out that she hadn’t heard a word from Steve (Stephen Nichols) about the rescue mission he’d undertaken with Chad (Billy Flynn) and Harris Michaels (Steve Burton) — not that she would. Her super spy hubby’s never been that good about keeping her in the loop.

days of our lives recap for monday, may 15, 2023, has belle talking about shawn brady to his aunt.
Belle reveals her worry about hubby Shawn Brady to his aunt on Days of our Lives.

For her part, the latter was severely put out by the wall that Shawn had built up between them — not that she was really surprised. That is Shawn’s M.O. Hell; it’s a Brady thing.

Still, Belle worried aloud that if, worse comes to worst, and Bo doesn’t pull through, then Shawn would spend the rest of his life blaming himself.

Days of our Lives: Shawn Brady Avoids Belle

Equally disconcerting for Belle is the fact that she’s not on hand to offer Shawn the comfort that he needs, owing to the case she’s currently embroiled in. Kayla suggested that even if Belle were to flock to Shawn’s side, he’d still keep her a million miles away from his feelings…and she knows from which she speaks.

The good news is that Shawn will no doubt open up to Belle — eventually. And when he does, she’ll be able to give him her all.

But that time may be, well, a long time in coming. When Belle attempted to make contact with Shawn, he slammed down his phone and busied himself with finishing the large, strong drink in front of him.

DAYS Recap: The Dudleys Do Right

On Dimitri Von Leuschner’s (Peter Porte) shipping vessel, Harris made short work of a goon who’d momentarily gotten the drop on him while Steve found himself in quite the predicament.

Though he attempted to put the fear of G-d into the baddie who had him at gunpoint, what with all those threats about what the ISA would do to him for killing one of their own, Steve didn’t get very far.

days of our lives recap for monday, may 15, 2023, harris shot the guy who was going to shoot steve.
Harris Michaels put a bullet in the bad guy.

Enter Harris, who shot the guy from behind. “I had that under control,” huffed Steve. “Don’t think you have to thank me for saving your ass,” came Harris’s testy reply.

Meanwhile, Chad found himself in a stand-off with an armed Dimitri. After debating whether he was “yet another one of Stefano DiMera’s bastard children” or the more preferred “lovechild,” Chad attempted to diffuse the tension by [stupidly] putting down his own gun.

Before Dimitri could dispose of Chad, Steve and Harris stormed the room and ordered him to drop his weapon. When he refused, ingenious Kate wrestled away from him and gave the heroes the opportunity to put her captor on ice.

With that goal achieved, Kate, Chad, and Steve headed for the exit only to be stymied by Kate’s demand that they retrieve her wedding ring. Turns out the brute whom she traded it to hadn’t been exactly “taken care of” by Harris, and he momentarily got the drop on the trio.

Luckily for all involved, Steve was able to get a handle on the situation — taking a bullet to the shoulder for his troubles — and Kate was able to reclaim her bling. Minutes, possibly hours later, Kate and Roman were finally, happily reunited.

days of our lives recap for monday, may 15, 2023, kate was happy to be back in roman's arms.
Kate and Roman Brady were happily reunited.

DOOL Recap: Better Boy Blues

At the Bistro, Alex dejectedly concluded that Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) had been right to fire him. Just look at everything she’s put up with since he dropped in and insinuated himself into the family. He’d treated her home like a frat house, he’d been arrogant and rude, and now he’s cost Titan a lucrative deal.

Steffy took it upon herself to intercede with Maggie on Alex’s behalf but wound up having her own position with the company threatened.

His life now in tatters, Alex offered that attempting to be a better person sucks. How much simpler his life had been when he was shallow and self-absorbed…but then he had to go and meet Steph and then royally screw them up.

But he understands that Steph is with Chad now, and he respects it. He doesn’t like it, but he understands it and respects it.

days of our lives recap for monday, may 15, 2023, alex puts down his drink as stephanie takes chad's call.
Alex Kiriakis leaves Stephanie to catch up with Chad over the phone.

Steph did her utmost to pep Alex up, but her considerable efforts were for naught. In the end, despite making plans to dine together, the two wound up parting when Chad called to fill Steph in on the latest goings on.

Days of our Lives Recap: The Plot Thickens

Though he may be down, Dimitri is certainly not out. And once Harris concluded his tirade about Dimitri’s “stupid face” and “crappy American accent,” the Big Bad let him in on an inconvenient truth. “The thing is, Kate Brady wasn’t my only hostage!”

days of our lives recap for monday, may 15, 2023, has dimitri bragging about another hostage.
Dimitri tells Harris Michaels there is another.

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