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Pregnant Pause: Might Gabby Have Given Abby A Baby On Days Of Our Lives?

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Abigail had been perfectly happy with husband Chad on Days of Our Lives… but due to a few new personalities, she slept with his brother. You know what that usually means in soapland…

When a woman sleeps with two men in a short span of time on a soap opera, she usually ends up pregnant. Considering that the sex Abby (Marci Miller) had with Stefan (Tyler Christopher) was tantamount to rape makes this a little different.

It adds a whole other layer to the story and the trauma if the show makes her go through with a pregnancy without knowing which man is the father of her baby. In some ways, it makes it far more dramatic — but is that the type of drama fans would actually enjoy?

That is a question Soap Hub posed to fans — will Abigail turn out to be pregnant. This prospect certainly got your attention as almost 10,000 people wanted to voice their opinion. Here are the results.

It’s Ineveitable
An impressive 81% are convinced that DAYS will reveal that Abby is indeed pregnant. How can they not? This story practically writes itself.

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After all, both men in the daddy sweepstakes have similar DNA since they share the same father. Could that delay an answer if they decide to run a paternity test on the baby?

Would Abby even let them do a test or would she not want to take any chances with her baby that could easily be Chad’s (Billy Flynn)? This story could play so many heartbreaking beats during the entire pregnancy. Surely the show will choose to go this way.

No Way
Still, 19% can’t believe the show would be so cruel to Chabby as to make them deal with a pregnancy on top of the horror that Abby has to live with, after being taken advantage of by Stefan and not being able to press charges because of his threat against Chad. No, you firmly believe this just won’t happen.

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Video Credit: KC Lynne

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