Who’s the DAYS Boss: Should Abe Carver Tell Paulina To Back Off Rafe?

is Paulina Price running the Salem police department now?

rafe, paulina price carver and abe carver on days of our lives.Does Abe Carver need to lay down the law?

On Days of our Lives, Paulina seems to think that Rafe is her personal bodyguard, judge, jury, executioner, and servant, no matter what Abe Carver says. Whenever she has a suspicion, she goes to Rafe. Whenever she has a whim, she goes to Rafe. Whenever she wants somebody arrested, she goes to Rafe. Is it time for Abe to explain how the criminal justice system works to his wife?

Days of our Lives Polling: Happy Wife, Happy Life

Does Abe (James Reynolds) want to stay married, 3% of you wonder. Then he should let his wife do whatever she wants. Sure, Paulina (Jackée Harry) is wasting valuable police time and resources, not to mention working the last nerves. But what’s the point of being Mayor if you can’t let your significant other run roughshod over the employees? Why run at all if you’re not going to exploit your position?

Trying DAYS Times

Go ahead and try, 40% of the audience shrugs. But do you really think Paulina is going to listen? Paulina doesn’t listen to anyone. Paulina doesn’t even listen to herself. How else do you explain her thinking she makes any sense at all. Abe should float the idea of taking it down a notch or two once or twice. But he should also be prepared to be ignored. Or just not heard over the shrieking.

Abe Carver: Days of our Lives Job Title

Paulina is not Rafe’s (Galen Gering) boss, 57% remind. Abe is. He decides what Rafe and Jada (Elia Cantu) should be working on. And unless he wants to be recalled for spending public funds on private concerns, he ought to pull the plug on Paulina’s daily station visits. At the very least, he should instruct Rafe and Jada not to jump whenever Paulina snaps her fingers. We know it’s hard. She acts like she owns the place. But she’s not the Mayor. Abe is. And everyone should start acting like it.

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