To Tell the Days of our Lives Truth: Did Jack Deveraux Handle Gwen Wrong?

Is Jack being a good dad, or a bad one on DAYS?

jack deveraux was angry on days of our lives at his daughter gwenDid Jack Deveraux do the right thing with Gwen?

Jack and Gwen have always had a complicated relationship on Days of our Lives. He didn’t know she existed. She didn’t know that he didn’t know she existed. So she wanted to punish him for not knowing that she existed. Gwen hurt Jack’s other daughter, Abigail. Gwen hurt Jack’s wife, Jennifer. Jack got angry.

Days of our Lives Polling

But then he forgave Gwen (Emily O’Brien). He felt guilty for not knowing she existed. But now Abigail is dead. Jennifer is in rehab. Jack (Matthew Ashford) is alone. And he just found out Gwen would rather protect Xander (Paul Telfer) than do what Jack thinks is the right thing. So Jack cut Gwen out of his life. Did he go too far?

DAYS Parenting Fail

We get it, Jack, we really do. You lost so many years with Gwen. You wanted to make up for it. So now you’re playing Daddy. Hard. But, the problem is, Gwen is an adult, not a child. You can’t live her life for her. You can’t make her do things your way. So please stop trying, 12% ask nicely. You will both be happier that way.

Jack Deveraux: So Far Away

Too much, Jack. Way too much, 19% of you caution. You told Gwen how you felt. Now you need to back off. She should be allowed to make her own decisions. Even ones you disagree with. It’s OK to make frowny faces. It’s OK to ask for some time to cool off. But it is not OK to turn your back on your daughter all the way. That’s not what good dads do.

Father’s Days of our Lives

Jack was just being a good dad, a winning 69% of voters beg to disagree. Gwen never had anyone to teach her right from wrong. It’s kind of obvious. Look at her. This is exactly the kind of tough love she needs. Even if she doesn’t know it. We do.

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