Should Rachel Black Be Punished For Calling the Cops on Brady on DAYS?

What would Stefano DiMera think if he was around these DAYS?

does rachel black need a punishment on days of our lives?Rachel Black called the cops.

Wee Rachel Black did not get her way on Days of our Lives. Which means there is only one thing to do: Call the police, tell them your dad pulled a gun on your mom, and he should be arrested NOW! (And she wants an Oompa-Loompa, too!)

Days of our Lives Polling

This Salem brat is out of control. But does she need punishment…or therapy? Here’s what almost 3,000 fans said.

Rachel Black: Truth Teller

Rachel (Finley Rose Slater) told the truth, 21% of the audience shrugs. Brady (Eric Marstolf) did threaten to kill Kristen (Stacey Haiduk). He broke the law and he deserves to be punished, not Rachel. She was being a good citizen, like her uncle Eric (Greg Vaghan) and Grandpa John (Drake Hogysten). She deserves a medal. And an extra ice cream. And that Ooompa-Loompa.

DAYS: Stay True

What kind of a DiMera turns to the fuzz, 25% of you wonder? Grandpa Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) would be horrified! DiiMeras solve their problems themselves. If Rachel wanted Brady punished, it was up to the establishment to do it. It was up to Rachel herself. Since when does a DiMera shirk their homicidal duty? You want your dad taken care of. You do it. You know where the gun is. Go for it. Or they’ll take your trust fund away.

Rachel Black: Outside Your Comfort Zone

Sure, Rachel deserves to be punished, a majority 54% of voters admit. But she won’t be. What we mean is she’s never been punished before, so why would either parent start now? They probably wouldn’t even know how to do it. Um…Rachel, your punishment is…um…you have to play video games, whether you want it or not. Or a chocolate sundae, when we know you’d really prefer strawberry! Ha ha ha. Are you suffering yet? Have you learned your lesson? We are such awesome parents!

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