Out of Left Field: Why Clyde Weston Is The DAYS Stabber

Does this make any sense or is it just for shock effect?

Clyde Weston on Days of our Lives

After first quickly showing that he had an alibi, Days of our Lives decided that Clyde Weston is the Salem Stabber after all. Forget all of his hard work at redemption, forget his commitment to being a part of his son and grandson’s life, forget his healing of Nancy Wesley’s broken heart.

Days of our Lives Polling

Clyde (James Read) never changed. And if you thought he had, well then, you’re as stupid and gullible as Nancy (Patrika Darbo)! How over 3,000 regular viewers reacted to the ridiculous reveal:

Clyde Weston: The Final Victim

This is so tragic for Nancy, 57% of you are practically sobbing. After the way she was used and abused by Craig Wesley (Kevin Spirtas), she thought she’d finally found a man who wouldn’t betray her. Nope! Tough break!

Clearly, you have no judgment and no taste. So what if you did nothing to deserve this? Just suffer quietly. And maybe be more careful next time. As Homer Simpson said, “Remember, it takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen.” Maybe you should search your soul to figure out how this is mostly your fault, after all.

Knew It All Along

Yeah, we saw it coming, 40% boast. Clyde came to Salem as scum, and this is just par for the course. People don’t change. Can you imagine if people who’d committed crimes like murder were embraced back into Salem society? This is exactly what happens when you forgive criminals.

Top Priority

As long as it wasn’t Craig, 3% of fans heave a relieved sigh. He broke Nancy’s heart and shattered her confidence, but he shouldn’t have to pay for that! Let Clyde be the one Nancy unleashes her wrath on. Protect Craig!

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