Help Me: Will Belle Brady Be There For Shawn on Days of our Lives?

Can their shaky marriage survive Bo Brady’s shooting?

belle brady and shawn on days of our lives.Belle Brady and Shawn.

Belle Brady surely knows that Shawn is falling apart on Days of our Lives. He shot his back-from-the-dead dad, and now Bo is in a coma. Hope, Roman, and Steve assured Shawn that it wasn’t his fault. Victor, on the other hand, is absolutely blaming his grandson.

Days of our Lives Polling

More importantly, Shawn (Brandon Beemer) is blaming himself. Will Belle (Martha Madison) be able to help him survive this catastrophe?

DAYS: End of the Road

Shawn and Belle haven’t been in sync since he lied about sleeping with Jan. Sure, Belle eventually forgave Shawn, but it’s been a rough road. With Shawn in Greece and Belle back in Salem, 6% of the audience expects this crisis to destroy their marriage for good.

Belle Brady: Days of our Lives Two-Step Process

Belle might provide the support Shawn needs, but at what cost, 19% wonder. There is just so much being pushed away a woman can take. Especially when Shawn is on the other side of the world…and EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) is right here?

Even if Belle doesn’t turn to another man, even if she does whatever she needs to for Shawn, the effort may prove too much. She could start to resent him, and this will create an even bigger wedge between them. They may win the battle but lose the war.

Days of our Lives Love Triumphs Over All

We’re not worried, 75% of you are whistling past a graveyard. Belle and Shawn have loved each other since high school. (Philip, who?) Sure, they’ve broken up. But they’ve also gotten back together. They survived affairs, and they survived Claire being a mess. This is the kind of crisis they are more than well-prepared for. They have experience weathering the storm and coming out stronger for it. Belle and Shawn will show all of Salem how it’s done!

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