Days of our Lives Blood Feud: Would Stefan DiMera Have Killed EJ?

Did Megan target the wrong brother on Days of our Lives?

stefan dimera and megan dimera on days of our lives.Would Stefan have stepped up for EJ DiMera like EJ did for him?

Megan figured she had a very logical solution to her hyped-up case of sibling rivalry on Days of our Lives. She and Li will kill Stefan DiMera. Easy-peasy. When EJ overheard, Megan assumed he’d get right with the program. Alas, impending fatherhood seems to have reset EJ’s moral compass. He declined to participate.

Days of our Lives Polling

So Megan hit him over the head with a Ming vase and stashed him in yet another DiMera mansion secret room. This got us to wondering: If the shoe were on the other foot, would Stefan (Brandon Barash) have gone along with Megan’s plan to rub out EJ (Dan Feuerriegel)?

Stefan DiMera: Easy Come, Easy Go

As far as 15% of DAYS fans are concerned, Stefan wouldn’t have hesitated. The minute he overheard Megan (Miranda Wilson) plotting to have his brother killed, he’d have wanted to know how he could help. Stefan only cares about three things: DiMera Enterprises, Gabi (Camila Banus), and Jake. Megan was about to help him with all three. Why would he object?

Give Me a Days of our Lives Reason

Stefan might have hesitated, 34% hedge, but he’d have gotten with the program as soon as Megan threatened to hurt Gabi. And that kind of stunt is right in Megan’s wheelhouse. Jake would have pretended that he was only doing it for his Gabriella and their future. Even as he didn’t mind Megan chopping that particular branch off his family tree.

DAYS: Stand-Up Guy

But for 51% of the Days of our Lives audience, it’s a no-brainer. Of course, Jake would have refused. He, like EJ, isn’t a monster. He wants to win by being the smarter brother – not the homicidal one. He might also have threatened to expose Megan’s scheme and warn EJ. And he might be the one with the bump on the noggin and the rope burns.

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