DAYS Hearts Afire: Could It Be Love For Melinda Trask and Li Shin?

How will Gabi and Stefan react one of these DAYS?

melinda trask has a date with li shin on days of our lives.Should this Salem pair spend their DAYS together?

Days of our Lives hosts a dating service so exclusive that it doesn’t even share the names of its clients with the people they’re set up to meet. That’s how Li Shin and Melinda Trask ended up sharing a bottle of Lost Love Chardonnay. And more.

Days of our Lives Polling

They started off by slinging insights and concluded with some mutual understanding. Could romance actually bloom between District Attorney Melinda Trask (Tina Huang) and the criminal?

Melinda Trask and Li Shin: Team Spirit

Who needs love when they could focus on hate, 17% of the audience speculates. Sex is a dime a dozen in Salem. But how often do you meet someone who loves to scheme as much as you do? Think of the trouble Melinda and Li (Remington Hoffman) could cause together. Not just for Gabi (Camila Banus) and Stefan (Brandon Barash), but for everyone!

Wrong Side of the DAYS Aisle

It’ll never work, 35% dismiss. She punishes crimes, and he commits them. We all know how unreasonable Melinda can be — insisting that people pay for minor infractions like breaking the law. She refuses to factor in whether or not the criminal is lovable. Well, except for when she falls for sob stories like Talia. But now she wants to punish Li for a measly brainwashing that could have led to murder. How will they ever see eye to eye on anything?

Melinda Trask and Li Shin: Power Couple

But almost half of you, 48%, are excited by the possibilities despite Li being furious that Melinda recorded him on their date. First, horrified by what she’s done, Melinda will drop the charges against Li. He’s no fun in jail. Then, she’ll ask him what he has in mind when it comes to punishing Stefan.

Li is very creative. And Melinda has the tools to make his dreams come true. How many Salem couples started off scheming together? Well, there’s Gabi and Stefan to start. What would drive those two crazier than knowing that Melinda and Li are following in their footsteps?

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