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Off Her Rocker: Has Gabi Gone Off the Deep End on Days of Our Lives?

Gabi Days of Our Lives February 18Gabi Days of Our Lives

Gabi was never a saint on Days of Our Lives, but she’d mellowed out over the past few years.

That is until her best friend’s testimony put Gabi (Camila Banus) in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. There, she got attacked and learned she’ll probably never be able to have more children.

But, Gabi wasn’t even allowed to be angry at said friend, because it turned out Abigail (Marci Miller) was mentally ill, so nothing was her fault. Totes sorry, Gabs.

This… upset our Gabriella. So, she’s kinda made it look like Stefan (Tyler Christopher) is the father of Abigail’s unborn baby, and Abigail’s altars are back, all so Gabi could steal Abigail’s husband, Chad (Billy Flynn).

Is Abigail not the only one with mental problems in Salem? Has Gabi gone off the deep end? Almost 4,000 viewers played shrink.

It’s in the Water
Mental health has never been Salem’s strong point. And not just because Marlena (Deidre Hall) is a pretty lousy shrink. Think of all the split personalities, the amnesia cases, the substance abusers, the flat-out nuts.

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Of course, Gabi has joined the walking wounded, 97% of you insist. The only question, will all her sins be hand-waved away like Abigail’s, or will she be made an example of, like Ben (Robert Scott Wilson)? All of the mentally ill are equal, but some mentally ill are more equal than others.

Sanity Clause
Gabi is perfectly sane, a tiny 3% disagree. She’s just bad to the bone. If she were a Horton or a Brady or even a Johnson (preferably all three), any misbehavior could be written off as Gabi “not being herself.”

But, non-core families don’t get cut that kind of slack. Gabi is getting in the way of your One True Pairing, and for this, she must pay!

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