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Should Chabby Get Their Happily Ever After When Kate Mansi Returns?

Chad and Abby Days of Our LivesChad and Abby Days of Our Lives

With hot-off-the-press Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) news that Marci Miller is leaving her role as Abigail, and Kate Mansi is returning in her place, rumor has it it’s so Abigail and Chad can ride off into the sunset together and get their Happily Ever After with Baby Thomas… and no Stefan (Tyler Christopher).

Is that what fans want to see? Over 10,000 had a lot to say on the subject!

All’s Well That Ends Well
Chad (Billy Flynn) and Abigail have been through so much, 92% of you lament. There was the whole Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) saga, Thomas’ paternity and kidnapping, Abby’s breakdown, and then her “death.”

They got through all that, only to have Andre’s (Thaao Penghlis) death splinter Abigail into multiple personalities. The in-control freak, Dr. Laura, and the Gabi wannabe Gabigail – who also fell into the clutches – and bed – of Stefan.

Now that Chad knows what’s going on, he and Abby have reunited and are standing strong together. They deserve to get away from the drama of Salem and live happily ever after.

As for that murder charge? Abby did kill Andre, after all… Eh, she’s a Horton. Her family knows people. They’ll make it go away. Only Johnsons and Hernandezes go to prison….

What do you think? Post a comment!

Uhm… There’s Still a Piper To Be Paid
Oh, yeah, about that murder rap… Maybe Abigail should pay for her crimes, a timid 8% of the audience ventures. It’s not like you can just hand-wave that away–including her framing Gabi (Camilla Banus).

Maybe Abigail Prime didn’t lie on the stand, but some part of her psyche did. She was responsible for Gabi suffering and being separated from her daughter. Will she not need to pay at all? And, no, sleeping with Stefan doesn’t count.

Plus, if Chabby drives off into the sunset, you won’t get to have them on your screen anymore. And that would be the real crime.

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