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Konstantin Activates The Pawn, Immediately Puts John in Grave Danger on DAYS

Konstantin wants revenge against The Pawn.

days of our lives konstantin stops john from shooting himself.Konstantin stops John from carrying out his order.

In the Monday, February 5 episode of Days of our Lives, John secretly met up with Konstantin, who pretended to be a client. Instead of a harmless rendezvous, this interaction resulted in the activation of The Pawn. Plus, the reason why Konstantin was so interested in The Pawn was revealed.

The Pawn’s Betrayal

During the tense standoff, John (Drake Hogestyn) interrogated Konstantin (John Kapelos) over what he knows about The Pawn. At first, Konstantin simply alluded to the fact that The Pawn changed everything for him. Desperate to find out more, John pulled a gun on his latest nemesis. desperately pleading with him to tell him everything about the parts of his past he can’t remember.

Unfortunately, Konstantin didn’t back down. Soon, Victor’s old friend pulled out that special card that he’d been holding on to — he wanted to know what it meant. John couldn’t give him a verbal answer. But, his actions said everything. Immediately, John dropped the gun and stood straight up. He seemed to be in a trance of some sort.

days of our lives february 5, 2024, konstantin holds the card.
Konstantin pulled his trump card and was shocked by what happened next.

The Pawn: Activated

John no longer answered to his name, but he did answer to The Pawn. And Konstantin knew what this meant for him. That he could finally get his revenge for The Pawn killing Catharina, someone very special to him.

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The conman explained how years ago, in his hometown of Aria, The Pawn came to deliver a message of death and that’s when Catharina died, when his life changed forever.

Before letting The Pawn go, Konstantin realized he had total command of him while in this state. He even had John/The Pawn hold his gun up to his head. But he stopped him before anything deadly could happen. He let John go but promised he would use John as his pawn. That he served a purpose and he will get revenge for what happened to Catharina (find out what else happens on DAYS in February).

days of our lives february 5, 2024, konstantin stops john.
Konstantin stopped John from following through.

What This Means for John (and Steve)

After Konstantin walked off, John came back to his senses. This brief interaction will hopefully kick this Pawn story into overdrive. Because John, Steve (Stephen Nichols), and their families will certainly become chess pieces in Konstantin’s game of revenge. Will the Black Patch detectives be able to overcome the past in order to ensure the safety of not only their present, but their future, too?

days of our lives february 5, 2024, john.
John Black was confused.

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