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Four DAYS Characters Break Free While Two… Not So Much

Will Eric and Nicole ever get it right?

Collage from the Friday, April 1, 2024, episode of Days of Our Lives with Soap Hub logo running at the bottomDAYS characters broke free.

A theme emerged in the Monday, April 1 episode of Days of Our Lives: freedom. Characters worked to free themselves or were freed thanks to external circumstances. However, two characters are nowhere near free. Currently, they’re married to other people despite sharing a moment of comfort and support. Someday, they may break free or they may never end up together.

Paulina Price = Cancer-Free

At the hospital, Paulina (Jackée Harry) and Abe (James Reynolds) served as each other’s rock while they waited for the news. And then it finally came. Dr. Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey) told Mayor Price she was cancer-free. Consider this Paulina’s third miracle in a matter of weeks: First, her heart issues completely cleared up. Second, Abe’s memories returned. And third, the cancer disappeared. Hopefully, Paulina can work on cleaning up the streets of Salem. (Check out this week’s DAYS spoilers here)

Holly Jonas = Free From All Her Secrets And Lies

It’s about time Holly (Ashley Puzemis) confessed everything about the drugs. Her talk with Eric (Greg Vaughan) at the end of last week worked. He urged her to tell her mom, EJ (Daniel Feuerriegel), and everyone the truth. And she did. She also admitted she kept the drugs being hers quiet because she wanted to protect her mom. She didn’t want Nicole (Arianne Zucker) to blame herself and think of herself as a bad parent. Hopefully, pouring out her soul will help her feel better in the long run. What she will feel better about is that her coming clean will have positive effects.

Tate Black = Free from Charges and the Halfway House

At the DiMera mansion, Brady (Eric Martsolf) demanded EJ drop the charges against Tate (Jamie Martin Mann — although a new Tate is on the way) as well as get him out of that halfway house. So, once Holly confessed, it didn’t take long for EJ to make good on those demands. Tate found out that Holly came through for him, which is another positive effect of Holly telling the truth. Tate can go home and resume his life. The only thing he has to deal with once he’s free of the halfway house and ankle monitor, are his parents’ feelings about Holly, who he clearly is interested in as more than a friend.

Xander = Discovers Potential Ticket to Freedom

Xander (Paul Telfer) acted like a determined dad. He multi-tasked caring for Victoria and pouring through a file of evidence — everything related to his case. He’s taken it upon himself to free himself from the murder charges. He knows he didn’t shoot Harris (Steve Burton). Heck, even Harris knows Xander didn’t shoot him. All that’s left is to find the loophole or the insurmountable proof that’ll free Xander even if the cops won’t ever know the real truth. And Xander thinks he’s found it. It has to do with his tracksuit and a witness. All he needs is Sarah by his side so they can go to Rafe (Galen Gering) and prove his innocence.

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Eric and Nicole = Nowhere Close to Being Free to Be Together

Fans are split on whether EJ and Nicole or Eric and Nicole are endgame. But for those Ericole fans, there was some encouragement in this episode. After Holly told the truth, Eric attempted to comfort Nicole. While you could tell it bothered her that Holly turned to Eric first, ultimately, she was happy he could be there for her. Eric assured her she was a good mother even if she didn’t feel like it right now. On top of that, Eric and Holly shared another touching moment outside when they said they loved each other. Holly started to say she sometimes wished he and her mom were…and didn’t finish the sentence. Eric, of course, let her know that he and Nicole were both happily married.

But, with the other secret out there that could tear all their worlds apart — the baby switch — how long will these relationships last? (Refresh your memory on how Leo almost confessed the baby switch here)

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