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DAYS Star Tamara Braun Tackles Her Co-star’s Probing Questions

Steve Burton had lots of questions for his DAYS co-star.

steve burton and tamara braun at the brady pub on days of our lives.Steve Burton asks Tamara Braun the burning questions.

On Days of our Lives, Ava and Harris are lovers thrown together by fate. Off-screen, Tamara Braun and Steve Burton have been good buddies for over two decades — but that’s not to say they know every little thing about each other. Luckily, a recent (and lively) game of This…Or That filled in a few blanks. On Braun’s end, anyway.

Steve Burton Asks, Tamara Braun Answers

The biggest takeaway from the Would You Rather-esque question and answer session? Braun, who portrays former mafiosa Ava Vitali, is indecisive. Well, not so much indecisive as extremely precise. To the inquiry, “Box of chocolates or roses,” there was hedging. Lots of hedging. In the end, the blooms won out. But they definitely couldn’t be red roses. No sir!

Likewise, Braun had conditions when deciding between an outdoor picnic and a candlelight dinner. She liked the idea of the former…but only if there were “no bugs, no mosquitos,” and why not throw some candlelight in there as well?

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As for how Braun likes her men — the options being hairy-chested or smooth, she had to go with the latter, which suited Burton just fine, thank you very much. (Read the actor’s thoughts on reprising his role of Harris Michaels three decades later.)

To enjoy more of the pals’ raucous good time, and to discover whether Tamara would rather sleep all night or sleep all day and where she stands on surprise dates vs. planned dates, and to get a refresher on what quirky identifying feature once adorned Ava’s back which the writers seemed to have forgotten all about, watch the below video in full.

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