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DAYS Star Emily O’Brien Thanks Gwen and Opens Up About Becoming Theresa

Emily O’Brien says goodbye to Gwen and hello to a future as Theresa.

emily o'brien who plays gwen and theresa on days of our lives.Emily O'Brien opens up.

Theresa Donovan has a whole new look on Days of our Lives, all thanks to a clever recasting. Emily O’Brien ditched the role of newlywed Gwen Rizczech to take over the part of Theresa. But she did want to share her gratitude on what playing Gwen for the last four years has meant to her.

Emily O’Brien: One Woman, Two Roles

It was a bit of a shock for fans to watch Gwen exit stage left and moments later see Emily O’Brien enter stage right as beloved baddie Theresa. Talk about a jaw-dropping twist! Now, the actress has some pretty big shoes to fill as she reinvents herself as a character popularized by Jen Lilley. 

O’Brien took to her Instagram to discuss the switch-up, honor her time as Gwen, and what she hopes to accomplish as Theresa. 

“Don’t worry, I am sure Gwen is still smirking somewhere,” she began her post. “I want to take a small respite from the current events of the world to show my utmost gratitude for the opportunity to have portrayed such a beautifully layered character for the past 4 years. She has taken me through such a delicious discovery of who she is, and what she ultimately always yearned for— despite all her pain, vengeance, and deceit. To be loved. Perhaps someday, somewhere away from Salem, she can finally find it. 

“Now, as for me, a new page turns from a different story…One that I am excited to explore. So, as I step into the shoes (and wig) of a very different role, I hope that you can keep an open mind, have fun with my interpretation, and enjoy the ride. After all, it’s just a bit of dress-up and make-believe, really.”

DAYS: Goodbye, Gwen

Emily joined the DAYS cast in June 2020, and took the show by storm. She befriended Claire Brady (Olivia Rose Keegan), harassed ex-boyfriend Jake (Brandon Barash), found her father Jack (Matthew Ashford), (allegedly) killed her step-grandmother Laura (Jaime Lyn Bauer), seduced her brother-in-law Chad (Billy Flynn), and tormented her sister, Abby. She also fell in love with two of the show’s hottest leading men and was caught in more than one love triangle. What a wild ride!

Now, as Theresa, Salem continues to be her playground, and the world is her oyster. What trouble will she cause as the blonde bombshell? Just wait and see! 

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