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Going Too Far: Can Gabi Be Saved Now On Days of Our Lives?!

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Gabi was dealt a lot of blows at Abigail’s hand on Days of Our Lives, but does that really give her the right to pull the stunts she has lately? Can she even be redeemed at this point?

Lord knows that half of Salem has done worse and are able to still function as upstanding citizens in Salem. But Gabi (Camila Banus) was the gorgeous, young scrapper we all rooted for to finally come out on top. It’s hard to root for her now because she’s been so mean!

On Wednesday’s show, she drugged a pregnant woman, for gosh sakes! Sure, she at least asked Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) if it would harm the baby and Kayla said it shouldn’t but….she DRUGGED a pregnant woman! What the heck, Gabi!?

We get it. Gabi was handed a raw deal by Abigail’s (Marci Miller) alters as well as Stefan (Tyler Christopher), who was hopelessly in love with “Gabigail” and wanted to keep her safe.

Gabi was falsely imprisoned after Abby lied on the stand, and she was almost killed while there and now may not (but probably can) be able to get pregnant again.

She has a lot to be angry about. No one is saying she doesn’t. But this isn’t the Gabi we’ve known over the years.

A part of her realizes that Abigail was sick and that if she hadn’t been, she never would have done what she did.

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She wasn’t jealous that Chad (Billy Flynn) turned to Gabi when he thought she was dead. She and Chad were back on solid footing. She and Gabi were friends again. It was purely her sickness.

When Gabi switched Abby’s DNA results, that was a hard enough pill to swallow. Actively trying to ruin the Chabby marriage has been hard to watch, too. She’s even blackmailing her good buddy Kate (Lauren Koslow) to go along with all of this. This isn’t our Gabi!

Will we discover she has a mental illness too? Did too many bad blows (add losing Chad to the list) make her sanity snap lure her to the Dark Side? At some point, Gabi will be found out. She just has to be. The question stands — will anyone in town take into account all she’s been through and excuse her actions?

Or, will she be forced to pay a price for her latest antics? If not, will she be stuck as a Salem villain from now on instead of the scrappy young heroine we have loved over the years?

Well, there’s one silver lining here. Although she’s doing some horrible things — we can’t help but continue to root for her. Camila Banus is that much fun to watch!

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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