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Five Fast Facts About Bonnie Lockhart on Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives Bonnie LockhartDays of Our Lives Bonnie Lockhart

Now that Bonnie Lockhart is back in Salem wreaking havoc on so many of our favorite Days of Our Lives friends, here’s a refresher with some fast facts.

Right now, Bonnie (Judi Evans) has produced a baby and told Lucas that she belongs to them both, with the hope she can manipulate him to get Adrienne to drop the charges against her.

While there’s good reason for Adrienne to not trust Bonnie, there’s so much more to Mimi’s mother than that.

1. She’s Smokin’
When Bonnie first appeared in Salem, she was a smoker who had been trying to quit for years.

She wore a nicotine patch but would light up a few minutes after she puts it on. She resented all of the founding families in Salem, jealous of everything they had. She always had a scheme up her sleeve but rarely was successful at pulling it off.

2. Honey, I’m Home
Bonnie used to clean houses for a living but was always looking for the easy way to try to improve her lot in life.

She thought Mickey Horton was her ticket to the high life. She relentlessly pursued him and he finally proposed. She rushed him down the aisle and when they returned home — Maggie was there — back from the dead!

3. Bad Advice
When her daughter Mimi told her she was pregnant, Bonnie encouraged her to get an abortion, telling her that having kids so young would only ruin her life (nice!). But after she had the procedure, Mimi developed an infection that made her infertile. Bonnie was devastated!

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4. The Good Mother
Bonnie was frantic when a skeleton was discovered and revealed to be her husband. It turned out that Mimi had killed her father David during an argument.

Bonnie convinced Mimi to let her take the blame, so Bonnie went off to prison and Mimi soon left town.

5. Jailhouse Rock
Despite them seeming like pals now, Bonnie and Sheila did not get along when both were serving time. In fact, Sheila hated Bonnie, which was just one of the reasons she made Adrienne, who Bonnie had switched places with, miserable in prison.

The two were reunited when Sheila was sprung and went to the Kiriakis mansion, believing she was going to get a huge payout for rescuing Adrienne.

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