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Fans Think Joey Will Do THIS to Jade on Days of Our Lives (DOOL)

Days of Our Lives

Now that Jade is in his rearview mirror on Days of Our Lives (DOOL), Joey is ready to find a new young woman and that means dating. He thought he met a nice gal on his first date out of the gate. Little did he know that Jade sabotaged him.

Soap Hub asked what you think Joey (James Lastovic) will do when he finds out the truth about Jade’s plot. Your answer was anything but clear-cut.

A Different Kind of Vow
After over 5,000 votes were tallied, 39% believe Joey will vow revenge. You believe he will find this to be the last straw for Jade (Gabrielle Haugh) after all she’s put him through.

After all, she got pregnant on purpose to trap him even after Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) tried to help him break up with her. Jade wouldn’t listen to reason and decided to use the pregnancy (and the fact that she didn’t use birth control on purpose) to trap him.

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Rebel Yell
But not so fast – because that exact same amount – 39% – believe Joey will not do much more than  yell at her. He’s not the hothead he once was, and you believe he will feel that yelling at her to mind her own business will suffice. Besides, the damage is done. What’s left to say or do?

Sounds of Silence
Still 22% of you think he will keep his mouth shut out of fear that she could do worse harm to him. After all, she knows the truth about what he did to Ava (Tamra Braun). She knows that he killed her and now she’s living with Ava’s son, Tripp.

Joey will be smart and not give Jade more reason to do him in. He knows if Tripp (Lucas Adams) learns the truth, it will shatter things between them – and possibly put him behind bars.

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