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A COMEBACK? What If Theresa Returns to Days of Our Lives (DOOL)?

Fans Feel THIS Way If Theresa Returns to Days of Our Lives

Poor Brady. He just can’t catch a break these Days Of Our Lives (DOOL). He thought he finally had his happy yours, mine, and ours family with Nicole, Tate and Holly (kind of the way Brady grew up with John, Marlena, Sami, Eric, and Belle).

But that’s all about to fall apart, thanks to Nicole’s (Arianne Zucker) eventual departure at the end of the year.

So poor Brady (Eric Martsolf) is back where he started — a single dad who thinks his son’s mother left him because she was bored and didn’t love them, instead of because she was off to bring down an international drug ring. (In Brady’s defense, which scenario sounds more likely to you?)

Should that be fixed, though? Should Jen Lilley return as Theresa? A whopping 13,000+ viewers made their feelings loud and clear.

Lilley (Stay) Put!
Absolutely, shout 61% of you! Salem hasn’t been the same without Theresa, not just for Brady and Tate, but for the audience! We need a scheming bad girl (who, underneath, just wants to be loved for herself but is too insecure to let anybody see the real her).

What do you think? Post a comment!

Maybe Theresa can wake up one morning during her drug sting and realize, “Hey, my dad is an international man of mystery. Why am I doing this?” And then Shane (Charles Shaughnessy) can come in, fix the whole mess, and we never need speak of it, again.

Willy Nilly Lilley
Eh, waver 22%, Theresa was great when she was there, but I’m kind of used to Salem without her by now. And so are Brady and Tate. Why upset the apple cart?

Hi-Lilley, Hi-Lilley, Heck-No!
And then there are the 16% who were glad to see the back of her. Theresa screwed a lot of good people while she was in Salem, and they are all doing better without her. Besides, Brady has had enough bad girls. Could he date someone, you know, nice, for a change?

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