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Electric Shock: Was Anyone Surprised By Melinda’s Revelation on Days Of Our Lives?

Haley and Melinda Days of Our LivesHaley and Melinda Days of Our Lives

On Days Of Our Lives, as Hayley was about to be deported, Melinda dropped a bombshell — she wasn’t Hayley’s sister… she was her mother! Hayley (Thia Megia) was shocked. JJ (Casey Moss) was shocked. The day players were shocked. But, how about the audience? Here’s what almost 5,000 said:

Par For the Course
As soon as Melinda (Laura Kai Chen) blurted out the truth, the audience collectively… yawned. Oh… no… how could we not have seen this coming? We are shocked, shocked, so very, very shocked.

Well, nobody was shocked, according to 81% of you. How many times were we told that Melinda had left China by the time Hayley was born? How many times were we told about the mysterious falling out Melinda had with her parents?

Why was Melinda so, so offended when JJ asked if she were Hayley’s mother? And, oh, yeah, finally, any of you all ever see s soap before? DAYS was telegraphing this to the point where deaf and blind viewers picked up on on the obvious plot twist. We’re only angry it took so long to get to the point!

We’re New Here
A little less than 19% of the audience, on the other hand, honestly did not see this coming. Maybe it’s because Melinda truly didn’t seem to care particularly about Hayley. Or because she didn’t do any of the obvious things a sensible person, especially a lawyer, would have done to keep Hayley out of this immigration mess — for Melinda’s own sake, if not for Hayley’s.

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Last Thoughts
A tiny number of write-in votes confirmed that they suspected the relationship, but weren’t sure. And then there’s the confused viewer who asked, “Who is Melinda?”

Clearly, the show isn’t doing a great job with this story, if a faithful fan doesn’t even know the players in it!

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