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Eileen Davidson Is BACK, Baby!!! But, Who Will She Play???

Eileen Davidson on Days of Our LivesEileen Davidson on Days of Our Lives

Never say dead on a soap opera, especially Days of Our Lives (DOOL).

Sure, we all saw Kristen fall out that window two years ago after Marlena pushed her (but wasn’t really trying to get her to plunge to her death), but heck, we knew she’d be back.

And, now she’s joining a growing list of DAYS characters making their fall returns, among them Alison Sweeney as Sami and Chandler Massey as Will.

Eileen Davidson is set to reprise the role of Kristen, but TV Insider has some info from the soap that makes us think some “others” may also be on their way.

Will The Banks Be Back?
Back in the 90s when Davidson was in her Salem heyday, she played a whopping FIVE characters. There was, of course, Kristen Blake DiMera, along with Susan Banks and Susan’s siblings, Penelope, Sister Mary Moira, and brother Thomas.

According to a DAYS spokesperson:

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“The exact role—or roles—Eileen will be playing this time around is strictly under wraps. It’s all a big surprise for the audience.”

We last saw Susan in 2014 was when she arrived in Salem to warn her darling boy Elvis, aka EJ, that his life was in danger. But her warnings were not heeded, and EJ perished. Of course, it also looked like Kristen absconded with his dead body, so is EJ really dead?

Resurrection Time? But, Who?
Well, also returning to DAYS this fall is Stefano’s very own mad scientist Dr. Rolf (William Utay), who is pretty handy at bringing people back from the dead. From some audition scenes floating around the Internet, we have learned a resurrection story may be on its way.

Does that mean Dr. Rolf might try to bring EJ back for his lovin’ mama, Susan–or even Sami? May he try to bring Will back, as well?

The possibilities are endless with the plethora of characters Davidson can play in Salem. In fact, she’ll be one busy lady, still appearing as Ashley on The Young and the Restless and on the reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Let’s give this talented lady a hand!

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