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Don’t Kill Stefano…Or You Could Lose Your Top Cop Status


The Salem PD is filled with veteran cops but that doesn’t mean they all still have what it takes to get the job done right on Days of Our Lives.

Right now the cops are working overtime to take down The Terrible Trio of bad guys that escaped from prison and have been terrorizing Salem for weeks. Unfortunately, they’ve had little luck, which makes us wonder about their skills. Soap Hub asked who you think of as Salem’s top cop, and maybe the one who could put an end to this Salem Under Siege nonsense once and for all.

The Right Stuff
Out of about 2,000 votes, 64% of you go with Rafe (Galen Gering) as Salem’s top cop. Sure, he spent some time off the force for wrongdoing and even hid a murder and dead body this year, but what’s a little illegal activity when your heart’s in the right place? He certainly knows how to solve crimes, so that’s what really counts in your book. Plus, he looks great while doing it.

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The Wrong Stuff
Sadly, Rafe’s lady love Hope (Kristian Alfonso) has fallen out of favor with fans. Only 14% of you give Hope the top cop nods, despite her being on and off the force for nearly 30 years. Killing Stefano  (Joseph Mascolo) in a rage in January didn’t earn her any Brownie points and proved she may not have the best temperament to hold the badge anymore. However, there are still those who don’t blame her one bit for what she did and want to cut her some slack. Let’s keep her out of prison and with a badge and gun.

The Vet
And then we have Salem’s best vet cop with 22% of the vote, Police Commissioner Roman Brady (Josh Taylor). So what if he doesn’t solve crimes with the same finesse he did back in the old days of DAYS. He’s still #1 in your book. Roman has never had any other goal but to keep law and order in Salem. You’re just glad he has a desk job in his later years and doesn’t spend his time on the beat.

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