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The Devil Made Her Do It: Drunk Marlena Explains All on Days of Our Lives

Marlena Days of Our LivesMarlena Days of Our Lives

Imagine being possessed by the devil and then going back into your psychiatric medical practice like NOTHING HAPPENED. Well, that can only happen in Salem and for 23 years, Marlena “Doc” Evans pushed that part of her life aside… and that was James Reilly’s Days of Our Lives (DOOL).

In 2018, it’s Ron Carlivati’s DAYS and it’s clear his love of the soap and knowledge of its history are bringing it to new heights. DAYS is winning Emmys, DAYS is soaring in the ratings, and DAYS is all the buzz of daytime once again.

In 1994, “The Desecrator” started destroying the churches of Salem and that golden DAYS era was born. So much has happened in between with that time all but forgotten, but when you take three vets, put them in a secret room, and give them their own bottles of champagne, you remember, and you remember it well.

Ahhh, “The Queen of the Night”–who can ever forget her and her masquerade glamour as Stefano stepped into her bedroom through her armoire each night. Again, where else can that happen but Salem? And on what other soap do you just go with it?

And go with it for nearly a quarter of a century. That’s what we’ve done. Sure, Marlena levitated. Her eyes glowed. She turned Kristen into a jaguar and apparently herself, and she found a way to live with it for all these years.

Chalk it off to the devil, and maybe even be impressed with yourself cause how many people can do that?

When you’re the grandmother of a college student and drunk on Dom, you let it all out, you laugh, and then you go back to your psychiatric practice as the most reputable shrink in town.

So, what’s a little buried alive? Nothing, compared to devil possession, so as always, Marlena comes out on top.

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Video Credit: SoapPrincess1993

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