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DeathMatch: Would Kate Or Vivian Prevail on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL)?

Vivian and Kate Days of Our LivesVivian and Kate Days of Our Lives

Will it be all out war on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) between Kate and Vivian when it comes to control of DiMera, Inc?

Kate (Lauren Koslow) is Andre’s (Thaao Penghlis) widow. Vivian (Louise Sorel) is Stefan’s (Tyler Christopher) mother. Which means that neither is a blood DiMera.

And yet, blood will inevitably flow in buckets before this turf water is settled. And that’s fine with both women. In fact, who knows what could happen now that Stefan has them locked up together?

And, Neither one is exactly known for backing down in a fight. They’ve gone to war before, most notably over Victor (John Aniston), which culminated with unborn Phillip ending up in the wrong womb. So we know nothing is off limits.

But who will prevail? Here’s how almost 5000 Salem soothsayers voted:

Kate Is Great
It’s no contest, a landslide 96% of the audience predicts. Kate will come out on top, you can bet on it.

For one thing, Kate is ruthless, devious, and underhanded. She is also sane. Vivian lost her marbles a long time ago, and the odds of them ever rolling back are slim.

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Kate, on the other hand, is a chess player. She plays the long game, and can out-think her opponent. Plus, if you were an investor, which woman would you put your money on? The one with the tendency to bury other people alive…?

Long Live Viv
Oh, yeah, about that burying alive hobby, 3% of you quietly remind. Viv plays dirty. As in, six feet of dirt dumped on your coffin. Kate, even on her most unconscionable days, doesn’t come close.

Vivian will win because she has no morals, no boundaries, and no clue about when she’s gone too far. You can’t fight that. Or, at least, Kate certainly can’t.

Vivian stole Kate’s unborn child out of a petri dish. You think she’ll have any qualms about going after Kate’s living children or grandchildren in order to get a hold of the DiMera fortune.

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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