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Days of our Lives Star Linsey Godfrey Stands Up For Her Right To Talk

Days of our Lives Linsey GodfreyDays of our Lives Linsey Godfrey

Soap stars having to deal with being challenged for speaking their mind is nothing new on social media, especially on Twitter, but Days of our Lives star Linsey Godfrey was put on the spot by one guy and what she said back to him was everything!

Linsey Godfrey Stands Her Ground

It all started on Wednesday when a person on Twitter named Mike challenged the actress when he wrote, “What are you doing for these people you are scared for? You bi&$h and hate everyday. I followed you because I liked your characters you played not for your hate speak and know it all about everything political views. Run for office and help people.”

Well, anyone who follows the earnest actress on the social media platform knows she does just that every day but it was awesome to see her stick up for herself and explain exactly how she does just that each and every day.

“Hi Mike, What are you doing for the people of this country and of the world? I’m a current ambassador and help raise money for an organization that provides pro bono medical care to children in refugee camps,” she wrote. If that was all she said, it would have been good enough — but she was definitely not done.

“I also advocate for women’s rights & reproductive freedoms even speaking on a panel in DC about how culture can effect policy. I make donations to both. I use my platform for raising awareness & funds. As Citizen’s of this country we are entitled to express our political opinions,” she wrote.

Reaching Out

Sometimes talking with someone rather than turning your back can open eyes. Mike answered back saying, “I’m impressed. I love your acting but hate the hate. Just my opinion but you’re entitled to yours. I’m sorry for judging.”

Godfrey had a bit more to say though, revealing a possible career turn for the future. “It’s earned a hatred of a family who have & will cost people their lives. I care deeply about the citizens of this country. Especially those who are marginalized. My anger is NOT misplaced. I’m furious at this administration & everything they’re doing to harm those people.

“And finally, I’d LOVE to run and hold office. But with how politics are played now, I would never want to put our family through that. Also, I think my love of the word ‘f’ & my dirty sailor mouth in general would disqualify me. But great suggestion, honestly! I would totally.”

Soap Hub thinks seeing Godfrey on the campaign trail would certainly never be dull. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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