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Days of Our Lives Recap: Strokes, Suspicions, And Surprises

Days of Our Lives RecapDays of Our Lives Recap

The Days of Our Lives recap for January 6-10, 2020 features a medical crisis for Victor, the promise of answers, a murderous plot, surprises galore for Kristen, and so much more.

Days of Our Lives Recap Highlights

Ciara (Victoria Konefal), desperate to ensure Ben’s (Robert Scott Wilson) total exoneration, faced off with her grandpa and demanded that he reveal his and Xander’s (Paul Telfer) culpability in Jordan’s (Chrishell Stause) murder.

Victor, enraged by the young woman’s impertinence, retaliated by having a stroke — the most surefire way to stop any conversation dead in its tracks.

He had to undergo an emergency embolectomy but, in the end, he emerged fit as a fiddle — the man is just too ornery to die. He did, however, finally acquiesce to Ciara’s plea and promise to come clean about what he and his nephew did.

Princess Gina Problems

Princess Gina (Kristen Alfonso) isn’t used to being told no or having her supreme authority questioned — royalty does have its privileges. So imagine her surprise when Rafe (Galen Gering) not only shot down her attempt to fire him but also indulged in a spot of blackmail — he hasn’t been compiling a list of her failures for nothing.

In the aftermath of the confrontation, PG sought out Stefano and begged his advice — which was to fire Rafe (hil-arious!). Later, while alone with her thoughts, PG came to the conclusion that the only way to get her perfectly-manicured and freshly-painted claws into John (Drake Hogestyn) was by killing Marlena (Deidre Hall)!

DAYS Musings

Which do you think most rattled Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) to her core – Nicole’s (Arianne Zucker) false allegation that she and Brady (Eric Martsolf) were a romantic item or her father revealing that Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) was his new host? Surely, it was the former, right? She can’t still be surprised by anything Stefano does, can she?

“If you don’t call Ciara off, I will have you killed, and her.” Whelp, so much for Xander turning over a new leaf. Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) and Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) would not be pleased.

So, given his clear uncomfortableness with Rafe’s plan to officially adopt David and the idea of submitting to a background check and his incredibly low opinion of the child’s mother — “It’s kind of relief that Jordan is out of the picture,” — who’s beginning to think that Evan (Brock Kelly) is actually Jordan’s (Chrishell Stause) strangler and the little tyke’s biological father?

SteVano, upon hearing of Victor’s stroke: “Oh, couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.” Ha! Apparently old Steffy is still operating under the impression that the town just isn’t big enough to host two criminal masterminds.

Speaking of Victor and his condition, why did no one find it strange that Hope wasn’t the least bit concerned about her former father-in-law? Sure, they weren’t as close as they should have been but Hope would have at least ASKED her aunt Maggie how he was fairing.

Boy, the continuity was flying fast and free during that confrontation between “Steve” and Jack (Matthew Ashford) wasn’t it? We were reminded of Kayla’s rape, the brother’s rooftop battle, the kidney transplant — wasn’t it nice to hear Lani wasn’t the only one who had to beg someone for an organ — and Jack’s frequent abandoning of his family.

However, why did both Jack and Steve forget to mention Benji when discussing Steve and Kayla’s children? Yes, he was an adopted son that was stolen from them and yes he has passed on but that doesn’t negate the love those two poured into him when he was theirs. Heck, it was Benji’s mere presence that began to unlock Steve’s amnesia blocked-memories all those years ago — what a missed opportunity.

“After all the horrible things I’ve done in my life, I’m going to die for something I didn’t do.” It seems that way Ben. Life just isn’t fair, is it? Incidentally, just how many corrupt guards are currently employed at the Salem penitentiary? Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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