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Days of Our Lives Recap: Close Encounters and Salem Coverups

Days of Our Lives RecapDays of Our Lives Recap

The Days of Our Lives recap for April 27-May 1, 2020, features a very familiar face making the rounds, Victor telling the truth (how did he not burst into flames?), and so much more.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

They say that everybody has a double. Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) was ready to call bull on such an opinion until she laid eyes on Ben’s (Robert Scott Wilson) new boss. Jake (Brandon Barash) is the spitting image of Stefan O. DiMera – though his crass demeanor leaves a lot to be desired.

And he certainly possesses none of his double’s chivalry. When poor Gabi (Camila Banus) caught sight of him and swooned, he hurried away rather than render aide. Now that’s almost enough to make us believe that Jake and Stefan are not one and the same.

But then he explained to Ben that he left behind a girl who was tough and stubborn and drop-dead beautiful. A girl who was so beguiling he didn’t know whether to kiss her or strangle her. That sounds A LOT like Ms. Hernandez, yes?

Kristen and Brady: Persons of Interest

In Salem, your reputation precedes you. And if you’re a “crazy lady” everybody is just going to assume that everything that goes wrong is your fault. It might not be fair, but in Kristen’s (Stacy Haiduk) case, it’s true.

Eric (Greg Vaughan) and Nicole (Arianne Zucker) immediately smelled a rat when Brady (Eric Martsolf) confessed to stabbing Victor (John Aniston). But neither could extract the truth. Luckily for them, ol’ Vic woke right up and pointed the finger at Kristen!

DAYS Musings

Why oh why didn’t Rex (Kyle Lowder) simply tell Kate (Lauren Koslow) that Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) was in Paris while they were speaking on the phone? What’s that? Oh…oh right! We have to drag this baby napping caper out for as long as possible and make Sarah as crazy as humanly possible.

Rafe: “It’s not like [Zoe’s] his mother…And her brother, her brother is a murderer, Her father’s, well, Orpheus. what judge in his or her right mind would give her custody. Justin: “I don’t think who her father or brother are is relevant.”

Rafe: “Why the hell not? They’re criminals.” Justin: “Which is exactly what people could say about YOUR family.” Yea, we’re gonna guess that Rafe forgot his father was an assassin and a two-family abandoning treasury bond stealing creep and that his bother was a thief with a penchant for hiring hitmen. And oh yeah, Gabi of the pacemaker app.

Evan: “Dad and I did something. Something horrible.” What? What could possibly be more horrible than strangling the mother of your son to death? Is anybody interested in this mystery?

Jack: “I just, I just don’t understand”.” Abby: “You don’t understand what?” Jack: “Gabi. Years ago, you and she were such good friends…So how did it go so wrong?”

Well, according to Woe Is Me Abby (Kate Mansi), it’s all because Gabi never got over losing Chad. Thank goodness Jack was there to remind her it might have something to do with the fact that her alternate personality framed Gabi for murder is indirectly responsible for rendering her sterile.

But at least we know Abby’s guilt “just eats her up inside.” Puh-lease! That woman is about as sorry for her crimes as Stefano ever was.

Brady: “I wasn’t drunk when I buried Vivian.” Eric: “No, because that was premeditated. It was calculated.” Was it, though? Use the comments to correct us if we’re wrong, but didn’t Brady stuff Vivian into that rigged sarcophagus moments after learning that she planned to imprison Maggie in there?

To quote Steve Johnson, “Patch is back baby!” Are you excited for the return of what’s arguably daytime television’s most famous accessory? Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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