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Days of our Lives Recap: Chad and Gwen Mourn Their Daughter Together

Days of our Lives Recap for May 24, 2021

The Days of our Lives recap for Monday, May 24, 2021, features parents in mourning coming together, a prickly physician causing oodles of trouble, and a persnickety ghost making demands.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlight

Luckily for Gwen (Emily O’Brien), despite Chad’s (Billy Flynn) self-entry into the Horton house, he failed to clock her gigantic bag of contraband opioids. The couple that never was discussed Gwen’s vicious lie about being helped down the DiMera staircase, and Abby’s (Marci Miller) decampment to Boston, and the baby that they lost. By convo’s end, the two seemed to be in a much better place…so stand by for further fireworks.

Toxic Work Environment

Dr. Snyder (Michael Lowry) doesn’t have the best bedside manner…or the patience to properly train tomorrow’s surgeons. Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) would love nothing more than to fire him…or personally intubate him with a fire hose – and Tripp (Lucas Addams), the bad doctor’s favorite punching bag, sure wouldn’t be put off by the spectacle.

Loose Lips…

And speaking of how awful Dr. Snyder is, he went and spoiled Belle (Martha Madison) and Shawn’s (Brandon Beemer) hastily thrown together scheme to trap Jan Spears (Heather Lindell). To quote Mama Brady, “We didn’t think you’d be so stupid!”

So, while Belle and Shawn racked their brains to try and figure out Jan’s next move, she was paying Claire (Isabel Durant) a not-so-friendly visit. With gun in hand, Jan recounted how she’d hit upon the grand slam of plans. First, she’d rid the world of Charlie Dale (Mike Manning); then, she’d frame that, “bitch Belle,” for her crime.

Color Jan surprised and disappointed when her “bestie” didn’t thank her for either effort. Kids these days. They’re never grateful when you commit homicide for them!

High Spirits

Ben’s (Robert Scott Wilson) guilty conscience manifested itself in the guise of a garishly lipsticked Jordan Ridgeway AKA Tammy Sue (Chrishell Stause). The apparition taunts Ben about his failed marriage, and his near infidelity with an equally troubled soul…it also tries to force him into signing his divorce papers…as an evil conscience is wont to do.

Ben is pulled out his rabbit hole by an SOS from Claire – which he stupidly allows to go to voicemail. But upon retrieving the message, he books it from the apartment onto the streets of Salem. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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