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Days of our Lives Poll Results: What’s Next For Kayla?

Days of our Lives KaylaDays of our Lives Kayla

Our Kayla is in quite a pickle on Days of our Lives! Here she was, happily in a new relationship with good guy widower, Justin, when who should come strolling back into town but her estranged husband, Steve (Stephen Nichols). No problem, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) doesn’t love Steve anymore. Not after the way he just dropped out of her and the kids’ lives without a word.

Days of our Lives Polling

And Steve clearly doesn’t love Kayla anymore. He’s been so cold and distant. Oops. Turns out Steve’s body (and mind, presumably) has been taken over by Stefano. He literally isn’t himself these days. Oh, that changed too.

Well, now Steve is Steve once again and even has the eye patch to boot now. And Steve’s old hangups about wanting to control her life — he wants to let her go cause he tried to kill her back when he was Stefano. Kayla says she loves Justin now, but she had her choice robbed from her so what should she do? Over 11,000 fans voted!

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Stayla Just a Little Bit Longer

What else, 52% are rolling their eyes at the obvious like teenagers who have been stuck in the house with their parents for going on a month now, Kayla needs to get back together with Steve. They’re soulmates. Besides, is their divorce even legal?

Take Some Time

A smaller 30% of you want Kayla to step away from the situation, really give herself time to think and evaluate. It’s not every day a girl has to choose between her formerly brainwashed ex and her new squeeze. There aren’t a lot of self-help books on the subject. You don’t want her to rush into anything.

Going To the Chapel

Meanwhile, 18% believe the opposite. Kayla should throw caution to the win, grab Justin by the hand, and head for the nearest priest to say I Do. This should send a message to Steve, loud and clear, that his Sweetness has moved on with her life. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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