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Days Of Our Lives Poll Results: Fans Weigh In On ‘Angry John’

John and Sami Days of Our LivesJohn and Sami Days of Our Lives

John woke up from his coma on Days Of Our Lives! Yay! John (Drake Hogestyn) eventually remembered Marlena (Deidre Hall)! Yay!

Days of Our Lives Polling

John isn’t quite the man he used to be. He’s a bit more… cranky. Downright angry, we’d say. Is that a yay or a nay? Did over 1,500 fans go with a thumbs up or a thumbs down?

My Son John

Viewers might, every few years, get new information on who exactly John’s parents are (he’s been an Almain, a DiMera, a Brady….). But they’ve always known who John was deep down as a person. Whether he was a mummified pawn of Stefano’s (Joseph Mascolo), a wannabe Roman (Wayne Northrop or Josh Taylor, take your pick), or even Robo-John, he’s always been… John.

And this guy isn’t him, 66% assert. The real John is a loving, forgiving, chill dude. And you don’t remember asking for an upgrade. When you said you wanted a front-burner story for John and Marlena, you mean the John you love, not some wolf in John’s clothing.

What do you think? Post a comment!

You want love, romance, family… not rage, scowling, and alienation. The Powers That Be better get it together and nip this Angry John nonsense in the bud. Doc is a shrink, right? Fix him!

New Man

A smaller 34% of the audience is excited about this monkey-wrench. John has been John for decades now. It’s fun to mix things up a bit, see the same familiar characters in a new configuration. Marlena and John have been lovey-dovey long enough. If we want to see more of them, we have to accept changes. And problems. And drama.

Daytime drama, remember? If everyone was happy all the time, we wouldn’t watch – and there’d be no show. So bring on Angry John, bring on Confused Marlena, bring on Regretful Sami (Alison Sweeney)! Bring on the story!

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