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Days of our Lives’ Linsey Godfrey Recalls Hilarious Stories From Her Childhood

Days of our Lives Linsey GodfreyDays of our Lives Linsey Godfrey

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Days of our Lives viewers have been enjoying Linsey Godfrey’s spunky Sarah Horton since the actress brought the legacy character back to Salem in 2018, but in real life, she seems even more fun.

Looking Back With Linsey Godfrey

In a series of Instagram videos, the actress presented what she dubbed some of her “Favorite Stories About My Southern Momma,” and they are a hoot. Be warned though, Godfrey’s stories about her “Mama Char” and growing up in Stuart, Fla., can get a little off-color at times.

The first video she posted set the tone for the one constant of all Godfrey’s stories—Mama Char is not to be trifled with. The story harkened back to Godfrey in middle school when while waiting in the lunch line, felt a boy’s hand on her butt.

“I told such boy that you touch again, I’m going to punch you in the neck,” she recounted. Well, the boy—Nick—made the inappropriate touch again and so she followed through with her threat. Needless to say, the two kids were sent to the dean’s office and he placed a call to Godfrey’s mom.

“She responded, ‘did she warn him?’” Godfrey recalls. So, when the dean asked her if she did, and she replied in the affirmative, her mom simply said, “I don’t know what you want me to do, she warned him!”

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The second video Godfrey posted went back even further—this time to her elementary school days when the school she was attending was inching closer to requiring uniforms and a stricter dress code. After wearing overalls to school, a note was sent home, pinned to those overalls, that said if there are belt loops, there must be a belt.

“Mama Char took out every pair of pants, shorts, and skirts I owned and cut belt loops off of them,” the actress said. “You don’t tell Mama Char what her kids can wear.”

A third video reveals a family foe that the Godfrey family had, described as someone who “started problems with my mom and big sisters.” She tells the story of how her mom was approached by this foe while at a bar one night and she inquired why the whole family hated her.

“Oh darling, hate is such a strong word, we never think of you,” was the response.

“Epic southern mom burn,” Godfrey said. On Days, it looks like Sarah may finally be getting some happy news, with Xander, newly out of his Titan job, ready to take the next step and concentrate on her for a bit. I wonder what her Mama Char would say about her hooking up with a Kiriakis!


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