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Fill the KaRafe: Should Kate and Rafe Reunite on Days Of Our Lives?

Kate and Rafe Days of Our LivesKate and Rafe Days of Our Lives

We can’t be the only ones feeling the strain in Rafe and Hope’s marriage on Days Of Our Lives, can we? First, there was the whole, “Uhm, Hope (Kristian Alfonso), honey, you can’t really go around planting evidence on people, no matter if he’s a serial killer… and dating your daughter.”

Followed by, “Sure, Rafe (Galen Gering), go, run off to Europe to help your ex – sorry, your ex’s son. I don’t mind. Look at me not minding. I’m the epitome of not minding.”

And then Hope kissed Ted. And then Rafe was so concerned over Kate (Lauren Koslow), after Jordan (Chrishell Hartley) drugged and left her for dead.

So, is the Hernandez marriage on the rocks? And, might Rafe and Kate find their way back to each other? Almost 35,000 fans voted:

Are you nuts, 64% of the viewers wondered. That is a very, very bad idea. Kate is bad. Rafe is good. They do not belong together, and they never will. No matter how many ex-lover sleazy lovers of hers his wife kisses.

Good Going
On the other hand, 22% of you think KaRafe was always good together and is worth refilling for another round.

What do you think? Post a comment!

While Kate may not be the most morally upstanding person, at least she owns it. Unlike Hope, who claims that doing bad things for good reasons still makes her good. Hypocrisy can be worse than a scheme or two…here and there.

Give Me Just One More Night
And then a final 12% of the audience is open for a one night stand. Rafe seems to like those. See Sami (Allison Sweeney).

And we bet Kate would be better in bed. If Hope keeps going off half-cocked, not listening to Rafe’s level-headed advice, he might as well seek comfort with someone fun!

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