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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) Recap: Gabi Keeps Talking To Save JJ’s Life

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The Days of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Thursday, December 21 features Gabi talking as fast as she can, hoping to change JJ’s mind about ending his life.

Final Goodbyes
JJ said goodbye to his mother before he ran into Gabi as he headed out to kill himself. He tried to put her off but she came in and quickly sized up the situation when she saw all the letters, including one for her. She realized it was a suicide note.

She told JJ she’s been there — when she was in prison, she wrote letters like those. But she realized that ending that guilt would cause people more pain. He pulled out the gun and she blocked his way out. She then read all his letters back to him. He begged her to stop. She then gave him Ari’s gift of a picture she made and he cried in her arms.

Since JJ refused to go out with her, she told him she would stay too. She promised that when they wake up tomorrow, he’ll still be here and things will look different. He thanked her for everything. They were in bed platonically but Lani walked in and saw them.

Ah, Family
Maggie asked Will if he remembered anything while at the mansion but he didn’t. He was nervous about how many Hortons would be there, but Ari cheered him up.

She feared he wouldn’t get presents cause he just moved there so she offered him hers – because he was her present.

A Friendly Hand
Doug and Julie told Abe they have faith Theo will wake up. Doug asked him to come to Jennifer’s but Abe said no, his place is with his son. It was obvious he wanted them gone so they gave him his space and left. Abe then broke down.

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Hanging Ornaments
Rafe confronted Ciara about what it was she wanted to tell her mother but she avoided him. Claire was planning to return to Theo after hanging her ornament, but Ciara broke it. Then Claire broke hers in retaliation.

Despite their squabbles, Doug and Julie welcomed everyone. Jennifer left her own party to check on JJ but ended up at the hospital to speak with Abe.

There’s Hope
Earlier, Eli showed his support for Lani at the hospital before he was supposed to meet Gabi (who never showed) at Jennifer’s. Eli asked how Lani feels about JJ getting reinstated, and she said Abe wants her to hate JJ but she can’t. Valerie told Lani not to give up on JJ, hence why she was at his place.

Ah, Romance
Chad and Abigail considered throwing a New Year’s party. Alone after the Horton party, Abby told Chad he needs to unwrap one special gift – her – and they headed upstairs.

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