Days of our Lives Dad Joke: Should Justin Kiriakis Be Butting In?

Will Alex Kiriakis appreciate his family affairs these DAYS?

maggie and justin kiriakis on days of our lives.Was Justin wrong to take Maggie Kiriakis to task?

We get it, Days of our Lives, we really do — Justin Kiriakis doesn’t have much going on in his life. We’d think Bonnie would be a handful, but she’s in Chicago this week, visiting her daughter and granddaughter.

Days of our Lives Polling

So, Justin (Wally Kurth) is really at loose ends. He might as well go ahead and chastise Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) for firing his son. But was it his place to interfere?

DOOL: I’m a Big Boy Now

Most kids don’t like it when their parents come to school to talk to their teachers or try to coach Little League from the sidelines. So why did Justin think Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) would appreciate him going to his boss – who is also their aunt – to plead for Maggie to give Alex his job back? Justin was way out of line, and 28% of you are embarrassed for him, much less for Alex.

Justin Kiriakis: World’s Best Days of our Lives Dad

If this had been a purely professional matter, then, yeah, Justin should have stayed out. But this was as much a family matter as it was a business one, 32% clarify. Maggie didn’t fire some flunky, she fired her nephew. It was personal. Alex felt bad that he’d let down his aunt, not just his boss. Which means this was a place where his dad was required to step in.

Days of our Lives: Say Uncle

Why was he even talking to Maggie, 40% wonder? She’s just keeping the seat warm for Victor (John Aniston). Victor would understand what happened much better than Maggie did. Justin should have gone over Maggie’s head and talked to his uncle. Victor’s own son and grandson are uninterested in running his company, so he should be grateful he has a grand-nephew willing to step up and do it. Appreciate Alex! Before he goes to work for someone else!

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