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Days of Our Lives: 5 Pivotal Moments From This Past Incredible Week

Days of our Lives SpoilersDays of our Lives Spoilers

Soap opera stories either crawl or fly by, meaning that sometimes we have to miss big developments. Never fear, Soap Hub is here to fill you in on what you missed last week on Days of Our Lives.


Jennifer’s (Melissa Reeves) abductor was revealed to be Henry Shah (Piter Marek) who seemed to have lost all his marbles after being rejected by Ms. Horton for the umpteenth time. He decided to give her one more chance to come to her senses and choose him but if she doesn’t than it’s going to be curtains!

Jack (Matthew Ashford) and JJ (Casey Moss) figured Jennifer was missing and they accused Rolf (William Utay) and Eve (Kassie DePaiva) but it was Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) who pointed them in Shah’s direction.

Jennifer managed to free one of her hands and text out an SOS to Jack but by the time he and JJ arrived Shah had spirited his obsession to another location.

Continued Success

Under the guise of Dr. Cramer (ha!), Vivian (Robin Strasser) is able to sneak into Kate’s (Lauren Koslow) hospital room. There, Vivian interfered with her victim’s breathing apparatus but the doctors were able to bring Kate around, once again thwarting an angered Vivian.


Hoping that committing a litany of good deeds will redeem her in Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) eyes, Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) set about righting some wrongs. First, she headed to the courthouse and corroborated Tony’s (Theo Penghlis) account of Ted’s untimely death, which resulted in her brother’s release from jail.

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Next, she ordered Rolf to return to the hospital and continue working on the serum that will restore Jack’s memories. When she ran into Brady, Kristen revealed her good works but even a dim bulb like Brady wasn’t buying what his ex is selling.


With Rafe (Galen Gering) set to be declared baby David’s legal guardian, he called Ben and told him that the ban keeping him from his nephew is lifted. However, when Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) and Ciara (Victoria Konefal) arrived later that day Rafe revealed that Jordan (Chrishell Hartley) had forbidden the visit.

When Ciara wondered why they were entertaining the whims of a “psycho bitch,” the psycho bitch in question walked into the room. She’d been released from Bayview and into Rafe’s custody and was going make sure Ben didn’t get anywhere near her baby.

Baby Blues

Kristen arrived at the Kiriakis mansion to torture her former underling, Xander (Paul Telfer). During the course of their argument, Xander let slip the fact that Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) is pregnant with Eric’s baby and was planning to abort it.

A delighted Kristen began to formulate a plan to have the unwanted embryo transplanted into her womb so she could use the baby to lure Brady back into her orbit. Hey, it nearly worked that time she did the exact same thing to Theresa so why not try again? Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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