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Wedding Interruptus: Now What Should Adrienne Do?!?

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It was pretty shocking when Justin burst into the church to stop Adrienne’s wedding to Lucas on Days of Our Lives.

After all, the two are divorced, and they only just started to have a thaw in their relationship. In the meantime, Adrienne has built something solid with Lucas, who wants nothing more than to treasure her and treat her well. Soap Hub ask what you want for Adrienne (Judi Evans) now?

New Beginning
After over 11,000 votes were tallied, 37% of you want her to stay with Lucas (Bryan Dattilo). Their relationship is fresh, and there’s no baggage, which means he’s never hurt her in the way Justin has – time and time again. Lucas wants to give her the world, and his kindness has known no bounds. All he wants is a loving, stable relationship after the craziness of his past relationships and Adrienne has been that for him. They have been very good for each other, and you want that to continue.

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A Great Love
It seems that 33% believe that she should return to Justin (Wally Kurth), because you know that they belong together.


You’ve watched them since the beginning, and their love has always come through in the end. They have children together, a history, and they have survived so much over the many years they have loved each other. A love like theirs deserves another chance, and you’re hoping that they get it.

Fresh Start
Still 30% are hoping that Adrienne walks away from both men. You believe that she needs to take time for herself to sort out everything. She should probably grab Sonny (Freddie Smith), and head off somewhere with her son and talk things out. He helped Justin find clarity and he could probably do the same for his mother. You want Adrienne to be sure of herself before she makes a next move.

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