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Days of our Lives Spoilers Weekly Update for June 26-30

Days of our Lives SpoilersDays of our Lives Spoilers

The Days of our Lives spoilers (DAYS) for June 26-30 are here. Things certainly came to a head this week, and the road ahead is starting to look particularly rough!

The castaways were abruptly rescued from the island, returning to life in Salem with hardly anything to show for it. Eli certainly got the mother of all welcome-home presents, though, when Julie gave him an extravagant gift in the form of a house.

Chloe made an unexpected decision to let Nicole stay in Holly’s life… but that happy development came with a few barbs, as well, and there’s an unexpected turn just ahead. Here are the spoilers!

Salem residents gather at the Martin house to celebrate the rescue of the castaways from the island. It’s set to be a lighthearted affair… until Deimos poisons everyone with Halo, and they’re all hit hard by the effects.

Stability will be in short supply, particularly for Nicole, whose life goes through a stunning twist when she shares a kiss with Eric. Okay, folks, the moment has arrived! Every week, we pick a random subscriber of our YouTube channel, and we send that person our official Soap Hub Money Basket!

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