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Fans Weigh in on Who Should Raise Thomas on Days of Our Lives

Chad on Days of Our LivesChad on Days of Our Lives

On Days of Our Lives, Abigail’s “death” has left a void so big in everyone’s hearts, it’s been hard for her loved ones to pull themselves together.

Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) was so devastated that she fell off the wagon and almost overdosed on pills and alcohol. Chad (Billy Flynn) has torn up the mansion and laid in a puddle, unable to care for Thomas.

The two have been battling over who should have custody of the boy. Now Soap Hub has asked you – who should raise baby Thomas and you made your voices heard loud and clear.

Father Knows Best
With over 5,000 having voted, an almost unanimous showing of 96% believes that the boy’s own father should be raising him. Sure, Chad has been in mourning and perhaps hasn’t shown the greatest judgment but you know in the end he’ll come through for their son.

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He loves his son and puts him first so why shouldn’t he have him? Jennifer had no right to stir things up while ensconced in her glass house. She needs to get her own life in order before she starts dictating how someone else should live theirs.

You Gotta Have Friends
A measly 3% of you think Adrienne (Judi Evans) and Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) should raise little Thomas. After all, they love each other and could provide financially and emotionally for the boy.
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They know Jennifer and Chad and would be there for their friends/family as they heal from this horrible, horribly blow they received. They offer a certain stability that a child needs and that neither of the others could give at this moment in time.
A Grandmother’s Love
A very anemic 1% believe Jennifer would be the best choice. She is his grandmother, after all, and loves him with all of her heart. Sure, she has some flaws that could be of concern, but you believe she will stay strong for her grandson. She would never let any harm come to him on her watch.

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