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What Happened to Nicole’s Common Sense On Days of Our Lives?!

Days of Our Lives

It’s been a nail-biter for Nicole on Days of Our Lives (DOOL), as she tried to escape Xander and reunite with Holly – thanks to Eric.

So how does she repay his sacrifice and bravery? Does she do as he wanted and fly off with Holly to safety? Well, she couldn’t just leave the guy after learning Brady (Eric Martsolf) was the one who asked him to risk everything to save her.

OK, we get that. She had to do something to get Eric (Greg Vaughan) help. But she couldn’t rescue herself from drowning in a bathtub – did she really think she was the one to accomplish this? So let’s review.

Xander (Paul Telfer) told her that she was on his island. HIS. So what’s Nicole’s fantabulous first move to rescue her rescuer? She decides to hit up a local cop for help. Nope, nothing wrong with that – UNLESS YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

Which Nicole (Arianne Zucker) proved beyond a reasonable doubt that she is. Instead of getting Brady to mobilize all of their Salem pals to come to Eric’s aid, she enlists a cop she’s never met.

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So, when they get to Xander and he turns out to be on his payroll, it was so shocking – said NO ONE EVER.

Now she is screwed once again, stuck in Xander’s clutches, after making one of the greatest bonehead moves of all time. Even Eric was shocked she was back. So, now both of their lives are in danger, bidding the question – is Nicole too stupid to live?

Was this the show’s diabolical way to get us to be so frustrated by Nicole that we would be okay with Arianne Zucker’s eventual exit? Don’t count on it. But, is hoping she grows a brain before she leaves so she can live happily ever after with Holly too much to ask?

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