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Will Nicole Forgive Chloe for Keeping the Baby Secret?!

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Chloe did a completely selfless thing for her best friend, Nicole, on Days of Our Lives.

She knew how much Nicole wanted a baby and even though an in vitro attempt failed before, she gave it one more try–without telling Nicole. It actually worked and now she is pregnant with Nicole and Daniel’s (Shawn Christian) baby – but he’s dead and Nicole is with dangerous Deimos. The truth is bound to come out though, and Soap Hub asked how you think Nicole will act when she finally learns about her baby.

Mixed Bag
After over 9,000 votes were tallied, 77% believe Nicole will be angry at Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) for keeping it from her for so long, but her happiness will overcome her anger. You think the two besties will be reunited and thrilled about the little bundle of joy that Nicole has been waiting for her entire life. Nicole will realize how selfless Chloe was and embrace her dear friend in the end.

Nothing but Joy
It seems that 13% think Nicole (Arianne Zucker) will be so happy right from the start. After all, she’s smart enough to know what’s really important and having her and Daniel’s child in her arms is everything. She also has the love of a man she adores now in Deimos, so why bother with any anger?


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Betrayal Runs Deep
Still, 8% believe Nicole will be angry that Chloe kept it from her. The chances are good that Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) will egg on those feelings, wanting Nicole to stay close to him and not drift towards her long-term friendship with Chloe. You think that the fact Chloe kept the truth from Nicole will make it that much easier for Deimos to manipulate her

On the Fence
There are just too many options for 2% of you and you’re just not sure what to think. If the truth comes out because of what Deimos is about to do to Philip (John-Paul Lavoisier), then all bets are off.

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