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Why Is Julie REALLY So Hard on Gabi on Days of Our Lives (DOOL)?

Days of Our Lives

Julie made it clear exactly how she feels about Gabi dating Eli on Days of Our Lives (DOOL).

She first bad-mouthed her to Eli, then called Gabi an assortment of names until the younger woman couldn’t take it anymore and fought back. She then followed by faking a heart attack… and bad-mouthing Gabi (Camila Banus) to Eli some more, this time while lying down and looking particularly weak and pathetic.

Doug (Bill Hayes) saw through her act, but he’s known Julie for a long time. Eli is new to Salem. And Julie.

But why exactly is Grandma Dearest so dead set against Eli hooking up with Gabi? Three theories to contemplate…

Once a Killer Always a Killer
Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) didn’t make up Gabi’s past. She really did kill Julie’s cousin Nick. And she really did serve very little jail time for it.

Now, Nick provoked Gabi by being possessive and abusive; she had her reasons for committing the crime, but a crime it was, nonetheless. Julie just met her new grandson. The last thing she wants to worry about is losing him again, this time for good.

There Can Be Only One
Once Eli (Lamon Archey) found out that his mom, Valerie (Vanessa Williams), kept the secret of his paternity from him — and now David is dead, so it’s too late for them to have any sort of relationship — he turned against her. And towards his newfound Grandma.

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That’s one woman down. Now that she knows he exists, Julie might not want to fight any other woman for first place in her grandson’s life — and that includes that horrible, little Gabi. After all, it’s too late for Julie to fix her relationship with David, too. Eli will have to do.

The Past Is In the Past
Before Julie was a scheming Grandma, she was a very, very scheming teen. She was a shoplifter. She went after her best friend’s husband (that would be David’s daddy). She went after David’s adoptive daddy.

Then there was yet another married man. And that was all before she met Doug (who also married her mother, that’s how Julie is both Hope’s stepmother… and her sister).

In other words, Julie was a lot like Gabi. Even worse, actually. And if Gabi is now the misunderstood bad girl struggling to turn her life around, then that means Julie has lost the title for good.

And that’s a tough reality to face… whether or not the usurper is dating your (gulp) grandson.

Which option do you think is the correct one?

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