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Did Days of Our Lives Just Make a HUGE History Blunder?!

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Marlena and John were putting the pieces of their plan to defeat Orpheus, Clyde, and Xander into motion on Days of Our Lives this week.

They gathered several other Salem citizens who have a target on their back due to the twisted logic of these escaped convicts. While figuring things out, Marlena (Deidre Hall) made it clear that the men need to be dealt with one at a time, leaving Orpheus for last because he was the greatest threat. And who made him that way? According to Marlena, it was John who cost Orpheus to lose all of his loved ones.

Reality Check
We get that the whole “John thinks he’s Roman but turns out not to be” story was confusing for most viewers, but we thought we could count on Doc to at least keep her men straight! Apparently that’s not the case. In 1986, Orpheus (George DelHoyo) came on the scene as man with a grudge against Roman Brady (see what we did there? Roman). You see, the two had been partners at the ISA years before, and, when on a case, Roman shot and killed Orpheus’s wife. Also in 1986, another man came to Salem known as “The Pawn” but later was revealed (wrongly) to be Roman Brady.

Seeking Revenge
Stay with us here – Roman (really John, played by Drake Hogestyn) had to rescue a kidnapped Marlena from the clutches of Orpheus several times. This included the time he let everyone think she was dead, while he spirited her away to his island to help raise his children. These are the children he was referring to when he told a still-kidnapped Joey Johnson that his kids want nothing more to do with him. Technically, he could blame John for this, we suppose, but most certainly the original source of pain – his wife being killed – was Roman’s doing. Hence, we have no idea why Marlena said today that Orpheus hates John the most, nor do we understand why he hasn’t dealt with Roman (now Josh Taylor) in the slightest during this entire storyline.

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