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Days of Our Lives Fans Say: Give THESE Vets A Story!

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On soaps, it seems the characters who have been around the longest end up with the shortest end of the stick story-wise and Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is no exception.

While some longtime players remain on the front burner no matter what, like Hope (Kristian Alfonso), Steve (Stephen Nichols), and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), others get pushed to the wayside or even the barside where they drown their sorrows or listen to sorrows.

Soap Hub asked which Salem mainstays need a main story.

Get Out From Behind The Bar
Out of 3,000 votes, more than half of you, 52% to be exact, chose former top cop and now top bartender Roman (Josh Taylor) as a story contender. He hasn’t had a love life or any type of life for years.

Sure, he solved a few crimes and has been there for his kids, but who’s been there for him? Absolutely nobody. Is that any way to treat Roman Brady? Turn him into a lowly bartender so long-time fans can pretend he’s Chris Kositchek again? Nope, you say. Make him the hero Roman once was.

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Get Out From Deimos’s Shado
Another 23% of you think Victor (John Aniston) is being wasted on the one-liners and needs his own front-burner story wreaking havoc through Salem once again. Since last year, he’s taken backseat to never-before-heard-of brother Deimos’s (Vincent Irizarry) demented actions and that is NOT where Victor belongs.

Bake Some Donuts and Get The Bad Guys
With Victor comes wife Maggie (Suzanne Rogers), so 16% of you want her to do something other than mourn Daniel and be the new Alice Horton of town, listening to everyone’s problems and doling out advice–but no donuts.

Get Your Own Life–Not Chad’s
Finally, 9% of you want to see Kate (Lauren Koslow) do something aside from chase a man she’ll never have and then butt into Chad’s (Billy Flynn) life, a place she doesn’t belong. Give this woman a story, you say–NOW!

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