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Everything That Was Wrong With The Brady Pub Bomb

Days of Our Lives Bomb ScenesDays of Our Lives Bomb Scenes

The Salem Siege By The Terrible Trio is almost over on Days of Our Lives as two players have been dealt with–and now the third is playing out his dangerous end game.

Bomb-happy Orpheus managed to set up two of his little babies in the Brady Pub – all part of his master plan to rain down hell upon his enemies. The criminal mastermind managed to outsmart John Black (stop laughing) by defusing one bomb to get him to abandon his station, but then left behind a suicide vest around poor hapless Jennifer’s (Melissa Reeves) neck that looked more like she was ready to go SCUBA diving. (Lessons ON SALE NOW!!!) It would have been horrific if we could have stopped laughing.

A Wrinkle In Time
That wrinkle would be that for some reason, the writers at Days of Our Lives seem to think that John Black (Drake Hogestyn) killed Orpheus’s wife. After all, Orpheus said exactly that on today’s episode – he actually said it as we cried foul at the TV! Note to DAYS: ROMAN BRADY killed Orpheus’s wife, not John! Seriously, this isn’t hard.

Adding insult to that injury, Orpheus then whined that big bad John left him for dead all those years ago. Hmm…and if he hadn’t done that, he’d have killed you for real. So you’re mad he wasn’t a good enough killer, allowing you to face more pain by living?! Eh.

Where’s the Girl Power?
Did Hope (Kristian Alfonso) forget that she’s a cop and can kick butt herself? It sure seemed that way when Orpheus asked for John’s clip for his gun, Hope immediately went to fix her sweater over her waist, signaling her own gun, which she immediately had to turn over to him. We know Hope’s had a bad year and Soap Hub readers even voted her Salem’s least capable man (or woman) in blue. Today, we saw why. Again.

When Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) toddles in from stage right and appeared in front of Hope and Marlena (Deidre Hall) with the anti-life vest, all three women looked the picture of damsels in distress. Instead of figuring out how to solve the problem on their own, they were flummoxed until Rafe and Eduardo could fix things for them – despite a shaky connection over cell phone. That was disappointing! The drama was honestly lost when Hope looked like she was taking selfies throughout the entire A-Team-like (get it, A-Team, with A Martinez) bomb diffusing.

Odd and Ends
There were some things that went right.

While we loved Kayla telling Steve it’s ok if he heads over to danger now and can stop being a wuss, that makeout session in the middle of the hospital halls before he left just seemed super out of place. Really? Control yourselves, kids.

Also, It will be a sad day when Orpheus (George DelHoyo) and his zingers leave Salem. Today’s highlights included, “We’re all just a [computer] click away from Salvation, aren’t we?” and also when he asked John, “Do you want me to pinky swear?” Orpheus’s DAYS are obviously numbered, but he’s certainly watchable until he goes. Right along with his B-movie music score.

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