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Days of Our Lives – Where Everyone Should Have Their Surgery

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What the heck are they pumping into the veins of their surgery patients over on Days of Our Lives?

Did Hal (Real Andrews) get a transfusion of Superman’s blood or something along with that piece of liver from his daughter? How else can you explain how within an hour of coming out of a liver transplant surgery (that FAILED, mind you), he had the energy to attack his doctor?

According to the Mayo Clinic, it looks like it’s about 10ish days post operation in the hospital without complications and months of recovery to recuperate – and that’s not counting any problems with anti-rejection meds or failed transplant, which we know indeed happened to hapless Hal.

Yet, seemingly right after surgery, he wasn’t only awake, he was able to get himself out of bed, grab Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), and hold a syringe to her neck, threatening to kill her.

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We get it. Soaps sometimes bend the rules to heighten drama but this was utterly ridiculous. Soap Hub writers were chatting as we often do while watching the soaps, and today we wanted to win the Lottery just so we could give it to Days of Our Lives to dump all the episodes already in the can from the fired writing team and start fresh. These stories are becoming too much to bear.

If this had been the payoff to a long-term story, it may have been one thing. If it lasted a while, it would be another, but it seems that Steve (Stephen Nichols) saves the day tomorrow. This came out of nowhere and felt like some silly three-day story arc the writers put together to fill up some air time and probably use some actors they needed to pay anyway. We expect better from DAYS. It’d be great to get it and fully expect it when new writing airs this summer.

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